Monday, September 13, 2010

OMG - 4th grade...

My boy - as you embark on 4th Grade I am in shock that we are here already...I remember 4th grade...it was a whole lot of fun. I loved my teacher and she loved me...this was the year I really started to notice boys...me and my friends used to chase the cute boys and try and kiss them...lol. Maybe you'll have much the same experience...on the very first day of school last Thursday you had to help your poor little friend into the office because the girls were chasing him and he fell and cut his lip wide open...poor kid!!!! You've always been there to help when your friends need you...that must be a quality you get from me...I'm a helper!

You have expressed interest in the cross country running club...which starts today I might add...and you are also going to be a patrol crosser at lunchtime. Just don't go getting too busy...enjoy these years...they fly by so fast!!!

I love you kiddo...you and me...we make a great team...with you on my side I can conquer anything...and I hope you feel that same "safe place" in me.