Friday, January 30, 2009

Trying to 'pretty it up' around here

So you may have noticed that I added a couple of pictures and a 'my favorite blogs' section...but I think I want to add more 'gadgets'...if you have any you really like please let me know. I plan to change the background over the weekend and have a site to do this from Kel...but still I want more! lol.

I'm excited to go watch karaoke (did I finally spell it right???) tonight! As you can tell...I once again got my way...mwah ha ha.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How did that happen?

How is it that I have not blogged since Monday??? I guess because nothing exciting is going on in life these days...the boyfriend and I are getting along, the boy is staying out of trouble, all my friends at work are in a warmer climate, my mom left for her cruise yesterday...yep life is boring if you are ME!!!

The boyfriend and I are spending our evenings watching
weeds (I find it hilarious...you should all check it out) since we are stuck inside all the dang time anyway...the weather better warm up soon!!!

Tomorrow night is date night again...it's very rare that we have 2 Friday nights without the boy in a row...you see I'm too cheap to pay a babysitter so I just rely on those times when he'll have a sleepover at a friend's house or go to my grandfather's for the night. They have their 'mans' nights about once a month...these consist of McDonald's for dinner then to grandpa's for movies and late night snacking and the next morning...Burger King for breakfast. You can see why the boy very much looks forward to these nights lol. They started before I met the boyfriend so that the boy was sure to have some 'male bonding' time and have continued even after, which I'm grateful for because that means the boyfriend and I get at least one guaranteed date night per month.

We haven't decided what we are doing for our date night...I suggested maybe kareoke but the boyfriend seems to be leaning more towards yet another movie...perhaps a funny one this time since he gave in and let me see my scary one last week. I still think I can talk him into something different...lol. Can you tell I'm a girl who likes to have her way???

Monday, January 26, 2009

I crack myself up...

I am sitting here at work...I work for 3 lawyers as their assistant...which translates basically to 'their bitch' lol. But honestly I LOVE it and have been doing it for almost 5 years now...the guy I work for is a little on the moody side, but he's generally pleasant. The other two are women...one of which is about 24 years old and still in party mode, I can't see her lasting in the legal world very long...but for now she's here.

Anyways, the reason I'm cracking up today is that today is the 26th day of January...it took me 26 days (okay not counting the weekends it would be much less) to realize that I have been date stamping all the incoming mail with '2008'. I'm not the most observant person ever...lmao.

This morning it was sooooooo hard to get out of bed...the -40 temperatures are just too much!!! I want warmth and sunshine.

The boy got on my nerves this morning...he does this thing where he hangs his head in shame if someone even looks at him the wrong way. This morning it was over his glasses which he bent and twisted late last week...I tried to 'fix' them as best I could (I need about a month before we can afford to replace them...living paycheque to paycheque is just grand!) but apparently the one lense is still loose and knowing the boy he'll have lost it before the day is out. So he was annoyed...I was annoyed and I said to him "please when we get your new glasses be careful with them'...to which he then did the whole 'hanging his head' thing. He's grounded from tv for a half hour after school for this whole charade...I feel guilt...but you must understand this whole dramatic attitude he has has gone on far too long. My mom spoke to him about the 'head hanging' last time she was visiting and I really thought he understood how extremely annoying it was and wouldn't dare do it again...but alas...it just never ends.

Mondays are always a slow, irritating start...but this one is especially worse since I'm almost certain I'm PMSing...oh joy...

Hey I started this post out laughing at myself and now I've managed to get myself all depressed...how did that happen?? lol.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Guess what???

I am typing to you from my new computer AT HOME!!! Can you tell I'm a little excited?? lol. We've only been without for 2 weeks but it sure felt like a lifetime. The boyfriend's dad was generous enough to let us have his...it's just like brand new (he bought himself two laptops recently and decided he didn't need this one). I'm having to fight the boy for time on the computer...but besides that...life is good!

Friday we went on our date to see My Bloody Valentine and I LOVED it!!! I highly recommend it...but only if you are going to see it in 3D...without that added effect it's just your typical gruesome...kill em..kind of scary movie. I have to admit that I jumped out of my skin more than once as blood and guts were sprayed out into the audience lmao.

The rest of the weekend has been pretty low key. It's 2:00 p.m. and I'm still in my pajamas lol. On that note I"m going to go shower and let the boy play his games...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Ramblings

I wish I was one of the five girls I know going away next week...FIVE of my co-workers are off to Mexico...maybe next year it will be me...

My mom too is headed on a cruise...she leaves Tuesday! I was supposed to accompany her on this cruise but funds just didn't permit.

I'd give my right arm (or maybe the left since I'm right handed) to be somewhere, anywhere warmer than here, sipping on a slushie alcoholic drink of some sort lol. We are back into the deep freeze and I HATE it. Winter should only last maximum 2 months and never go below -10 (celsius)...but alas I live here...where there are two seasons...winter and summer. We have extreme cold and then extreme heat.

The boy is off to a sleepover tonight and the boyfriend and I have plans to see "My Bloody Valentine - in 3D". I'm very excited! You see...I LOVE scary movies but the boyfriend doesn't like them so much...he'd much prefer something funny...so we saw Mallcop last weekend to please him, the boy and the boy's little friend. Now it's my turn!!!

I had no idea what to blog about...so there you have it...my weak attempt lol.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You will be pleased to know...

That when the boyfriend came to pick me up yesterday he was in a much better mood than the day before and we made it home without incident lol.

The boy (not to be confused with the boyfriend) was in a mood though...he must have decided sometime recently that SEVEN really does in fact mean THIRTEEN...because he is most definitely acting like a teenager trapped in a little boy's body. Yesterday I apparently committed a crime...you see I went to the store and lo and behold I did not buy chips...heaven forbid...you see since early January I've been on a health kick (exercise and eat better) and haven't had chips in the house at all...so why he thought yesterday would have been different, well that's beyond me.

He is my pride and joy that boy...but he sure does know how to push my buttons...I guess I should add chips to the grocery list.

The boy has discovered a love for singing and will be performing at a local church next month...it makes me so happy that he's found a passion...you see he's not much into sports and has only expressed a mild interest in taking something like Taekwondo. For me it was dance when I was a child...for him it's music and singing.

I'm busy with work and reading the Caylee Anthony case 'document dump'...but I promise to blog more tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Funny story...

Or at least I find it downright hilarious...others may not think so.

Yesterday...just after I finished blogging it was time to go home. I normally take the bus home because even if I did have a valid drivers license it costs an arm and a leg to park downtown...but yesterday the boyfriend said he had to come downtown to pay a parking ticket and he'd pick me up. That's great!!! Get home faster...get to see the boyfriend sooner...sounds good all the way around...except...that he was in 'a mood'. Turns out the place he thought he needed to go is no longer there...they moved ages ago. Now if it was me, I'd have done the research...found out exactly where I needed to go before I started out on the journey...afterall the address to go to for payment is listed right on the ticket!!!! But that's the difference between a woman and a man lol.

So needless to say he was ranting and raving and utterly annoyed that he'd have to come back downtown again today to actually get the ticket paid...now that he knows where to go...

I was just NOT at all in the mood to be around someone whining and complaining about traffic and the one way streets (all of which don't seem to matter on any other day!)...so I told him I'd rather take the bus home and be alone with my thoughts than have to deal with him at that moment...I got out of the car and low and behold my bus was right there...so I got on it. Apparently he immediately felt bad and pulled over to try and find me...but I was long gone! In his 2 minutes of 'searching' for me...he got yet another parking ticket...karma is a bitch.

I feel slightly responsible for this ticket...but if he had just shut the hell up I wouldn't have felt the need to remove myself from his presence. I made it clear...I didn't leave because I was mad...it was just because I wanted to 'relax' and not hear constant bitching...I'm not sure he gets that...I think that he thinks I'm still mad...but whatever...men........

Monday, January 19, 2009

I don't have much time...

Starting this blog without a computer at home really wasn't all that smart of me eh??? I'd have had plenty of things to blog about and the time to blog over the weekend...but alas I've decided not to fix the hunk of junk and instead get a new one next month when I can afford it.

The weekend was fantastic!!!! The weather was nice...company was good...wow I'm sure starting to sound like Miss Suzy Sunshine lol.

Yesterday after our time outside sledding...my landlord came by to install our smoke detectors (something she's put off for quite some time) and had a very interesting offer for me...she wants me to buy the house I currently rent and I'm really not sure...now don't get me wrong...I love the house, though it does need some fixing up...I love the location...BUT it's a side by side and I would have to have a lanlord/tenant relationship with the guy next door (who just so happens to be ex-neighbour's older brother). I'm not sure I'm ready to take on the responsibility of owning a house at all...nevermind owning one and renting one! Decisions decisions.

Hopefully I'll have more time for blogging tomorrow...stupid work got in the way today!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

These are the days of my life...

I used to be quite the drama queen...and I guess in a sense I still am...I thrive off of other people's drama now though lol. But you see, I much prefer hearing about someone's drama after the fact, I don't necessarily want to be the 'community shoulder to cry on'. Somehow I've become just that.

Take this week for example...I learnt at the beginning of the week that the boyfriend's brother broke up with his girlfriend. They have been together less than a year and considering we don't spend alot of time with said brother I had only met his girlfriend a handful of times. YET, who does she call in tears...yep, you guessed it ME! The boyfriend was home when she called and he talked to her (I was still at work)...she was quite the blubbering mess according to him. I don't know if she was supposed to call me later that evening or if I was supposed to call her back...the boyfriend didn't specify and considering I don't really want to get involved...I've just left it...but I feel guilt now.

The very same day that all of this took place...my phone rings long distance...who is it on the other end??? My brother...whom I haven't spoken to for 3.5 years...there are many reasons I chose to cut off contact with him, first and foremost being that he was womanizer and had gotten physical with his girlfriend on a few ocassions. So as of recent his girlfriend finally had enough and pressed charges the last time it happened (good for her!!!!). So the brother spent the holidays in prison and is still dealing with it all...he's very depressed and out of sorts...my mother swears he has a personality disorder (she thinks he's schizophrenic) but I'm really not sure what to think. He's been on drugs and abused alcohol in the past and it's hard to tell if he's still doing those things. I still don't know what he is turning to me for...we haven't spoken of the past or his recent breakup...I guess he's just reaching out so he doesn't feel so lonely...trying to right the many mistakes he's made. It's become a daily thing to call him when I get in from work...thankfully he only keeps me on the phone for about 10 minutes...one thing people that know me well know is that I HATE the phone.

If all of the above wasn't enough...on the very same day (yet again)...my ex-next door neighbour called...him and his common law wife broke up last summer and he still likes my boy to have playdates with his boy...that's all fine and dandy...but yet again...he seems to need MY shoulder to cry on. I'm tired of hearing about his crazy antics with his ex...I'm tired of him seeking legal advice from me because of my profession...he's a nice guy and all...and I do see us being friends, if for nothing else because our kids are such close friends...but I can't handle having to give out all of this support and encouragement, especially since I'd never phone him if I was going through a hard time...I'd save all that for my online buddies (you know who you are) or my very closest friends...not someone I barely know!

Then there was yesterday...when my son's SD (sperm donor for those who don't know) decided he was going to write me a week and a half after his mother's death. I know he's going through a very tough time right now...feeling lost and confused...but again *I* should not be the one he turns to. I of course wrote him back...gently encouraging him to 'keep on going'...I was much nicer than I'd have liked to have been...this sorry SOB has never once given me a cent or helped in raising my boy in any way...but the nice person in me can't 'kick someone when they are down'...it's just not in me.

I'm looking forward to the weekend despite the crazy week it's been!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Frickin' cold

And I am NOT exaggerating...when I was at home last night trying to decide what to blog about (so many things to blog about, so little time) I had decided on exercise...but after the events of this morning I quickly changed my mind and decided that the -48 celsius windchill was definitely something to blog about.

Have you ever stepped outside your house and instantly felt your nose hairs freeze? Have you ever heard your coat crinkle as if it's been locked in a freezer for 24 hours? Have you ever gotten an instant brain freeze right between your eyes (the one place a scarf and toque don't cover) that gives you a headache? If you live in Winnipeg (or Winterpeg as we've been dubbed) then you will have answered 'yes' to all of the above.

Yes the people here are nice, I love my job, my friends and family are here and I'd miss them if I moved away...but I don't know how much longer I can handle these extreme cold Winters.

This article describes it best:


Okay so that wasn't the exact article I read earlier but now I can't find it...oh well, close enough.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Bachelor vs Online Dating

So last night the boyfriend and I were watching the Bachelor...I know, I know...it's one of the lamest shows out there but for some reason I just can't turn away. Maybe it's the romantic in me (I was never fond of those cheesy romance novels so the Bachelor may be my outlet) I always hope that the couple stays together after the show...but alas that rarely happens.

Anyways...as we were watching, the boyfriend made a comment something along the lines of "this show is very unrealistic, how do you know you are choosing the right person to spend the rest of your life with in such a short period of time"...to which I responded "it's all in the editing dear, Jason knows almost immediately who he is going to choose but they edit it to make it look as if he doesn't...thus attracting viewers".

Later I sat and analyzed the whole process (analyzing seems to be something I do best)...the boyfriend and I met back in May 2007 through an online dating site which believe it or not has many similarities to the process The Bachelor uses. Before meeting the boyfriend I 'kissed many frogs' lol. Actually at the time I met the boyfriend I was casually 'seeing' (no that does not imply sleeping with, contrary to what some believe) at least 3 different guys and chatting to multiple others. It's quite the process seeking out the good when there are soooo many bad out there (maybe bad is the wrong word...just not right for me probably sounds better). But the day I laid eyes on the boyfriend...well I just knew he was the one. Some believe in love at first sight...I'm not one of those people...but I definitely believe I knew right then and there that I could stop associating with all the 'frogs' and move on to my prince charming.

All together now.........awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Giving it a shot...

So I've never blogged before...the one and only time in my life that I kept a diary my mother found it and read it...so that ended that nonsense!

I'm not really sure the purpose of a blog...I imagine it serves a different purpose for every single person that keeps one. For me...it will be a place where i can come to share the things that I would love to say out loud...but probably shouldn't. So in the end...this may not be around long because once word gets out I have a blog...all my secrets will be uncovered.