Thursday, April 30, 2009

My 100th Post!!!...and a tag...

I'm sorry guys (or should I say girls)...but I have no extravagant giveaway...or even anything really all that special to post, for this, my 100th post. I thought about it for days...tried to come up with something funky and fun...but alas, I am soooooooooo not creative! lol.

So instead I gave myself a blog makeover and added a few pics...do you like them? I do! The two boys you see up there...the absolute loves of my life! Yes, some days I want to wring (or is it just 'ring'?) both their necks but most days I love them more than life itself.

Today Staci over at Playing House tagged me...and it's an "All about me" type of tag...so I guess you'll get to learn a little more about me, aren't you excited? Oh come on, I know you are!

1. What is your current obsession?
Oh no..the first question has me stumped lol. I guess if you want to call it an 'obsession' it would have to be blogging...I do check in to read others blogs or write on my own about 56,703 times a day...while i'm at work and supposed to be doing real work!

2. Which item of clothing do you wear most often?
Easy one...my pink and grey sweats...I change into them when I get home from work and they are oh so comfy!

3. What's for dinner?
You tell me! It's a fend for yourself night here...the boyfriend is out helping a friend move and having pizza and beer (I'm jealous of the refreshments and food..the moving not so much) the boy had some pizza pops and I am having....well I just don't know yet!

4. What are you listening to?
Some cartoon the boy has on in the other room...I think it's called Johnny Two Shoes...it's a weird one.

5. Say something about the one who tagged you.
I just love reading about Staci and her family...her kids are so cute!!! She's got a great sense of humour and is just a good person all the way around.

6. Favorite vacation spots?
We haven't done much travelling...YET!!! But I've always wanted to go to Mexico...I'm re-thinking that with the whole swine flu pandemic...but I hear it's a great place to vacation. Australia is on the top of my list for "Places I'd love to see one day"...Portugal is there too...Trinidad...or anywhere in the Carribean...there's so many places I hope to get to....maybe soon!

7. What am I reading right now?
The Glass House...I forget who it is by and I'm having a hard time getting into it.

8. Four words to describe myself.
This one IS a toughie...friendly, kind, optimistic, mom (to everyone...I just like to take care of people lol).

9. Guilty pleasure?
Reality TV...it makes me sick how hooked I am...to every single damn reality show!

10. First spring thing to do?
I've been spring cleaning and purging like crazy! Also busy planning the boy's birthday party of course.

Now I will pass this fun questionaire onto.....

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Extreme Makeover - Me Edition - Week 6

Amber started this weekly post so hope on over to her blog aefilkins and find out how you can join in on the fun.

So it's Wednesday again...and that means it's time to report with my progress...I'm depressed this week...not because I've totally given up but because I can't seem to find the motivation to exercise as much as I should be. I feel good when I exercise on a regular basis, so why am I lacking so much in motivation...is it really that hard to set out a few nights a week to feel better??? The simple answer, no...but I keep putting it off.

I got on my elliptical only once in the past week. That's better than the zero times in the weeks previous...but I know it's still not enough. I have kept up with doing stairs on a pretty consistent basis and walking outdoors at least an hour a day...so I really shouldn't beat myself up too much.

Eating better has been so much easier than I thought it would be...I haven't had a McDonald's burger in at least 3 weeks...no fast food at all actually...I've made an effort to have more fruits and veggies in the house and the fear that they would just sit there and go rotten has totally left...because we've all been eating healthier. I packed the boyfriend a salad for lunch yesterday and he didn't complain lol. He actually told me he really enjoyed it.

My biggest hurdle lately seems to be getting back on the elliptical and drinking more water! I bought some crystal light yesterday in hopes it will get me drinking less pop.

My goals for the this week:

get on the elliptical at least 3x (starting tonight!)
drink more water
continue on my path of eating healthy

Amber asked us to share a healthy recipe this week.

I thought long and hard about this one...because although I make alot of balanced, healthy meals...they are nothing out of the ordinary.

So I figured I'd share my healthy (or at least healthier) recipe for hamburger helper. We haven't bought a box of that stuff in years because I make this instead.

1 lb ground beef
1 can tomatoe soup
1 can cheddar cheese soup
cayenne pepper (optional)
1/2 a package of egg noodles (can use whole wheat pasta or pasta of any kind)

It's really so simple to make...

Brown the ground beef, drain out the fat, add the soups (no milk or water just the cans of soup)
Let the sauce simmer on low to medium heat for about 10 to 15 minutes. At this point I add my cayenne to add some spice to it...my boy likes spice...but most children do not so you may want to take out their portions before adding the 'kick' to it. I've often put too much spice so I'd say to start with about a tablespoon and go from there.

While I'm making the sauce I cook my pasta.

Dinner in less than 25 minutes! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The boy and the boyfriend have both taken to videoing every little thing...you see when I got my taxes done this year I decided what we needed was a new digital camera...one that was capable of taking video as well. We found one but the still photos are a little less desirable...if you have the slightest shake the pictures come out very blurry. At any rate, the boy can use it without too much trouble and he has started making videos (chances are we'll look into getting a better quality one and he will inherit this one).

What is he videoing, you may ask...mostly me lol...and let me tell ya I hate every second of it! It is much more fun to watch him perform for the camera. And perform he does...this kid was born to be on camera. He often recites parts of tv shows word for word...and he gets so animated doing it.

Back to his videos...he taped for 10 minutes the other day...8 of which he simply filmed the tv lol. Some of them are quite cute...like the ones he makes of himself just before he decides to tape the tv for 10 minutes (you know, when no one is looking and he's just being him)...I will share them with you here some time...but only after I can figure out how to edit the parts where he's watching Pokemon or Johnny Test.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Irrational Fear

So tell me you all have one and I'm not some crazy weirdo...lol.

What am I afraid of, you may ask? Welllllll, it's not mice, spiders, snakes...you know the usual stuff.

I am absolutely terrified of birds...any and all kinds. Just this morning after I dropped the boy off at daycare I was headed out the doors and a bird must have been sitting just above the door, it swooped down right in front of me...and let's just say it was NOT pretty. I let out a scream that I'm sure woke the entire neighbourhood up (I didn't feel bad though, it was 7:45...and they all should have been up anyway lol).

Where does this fear come from? To be honest, I haven't got a clue! The only thing I can think of is that bio-idiot's mom and stepdad had about 6 of them as pets...I'm sure they are lovely animals...but they let these birds fly around their tiny townhouse and let me tell ya they crapped EvErYwHeRe...and I do mean everywhere...so perhaps that's what it is...I'm scared of being pooped on...but I think it may be a little more than that...and I'm sure I've done this to myself...

But I've had nightmares...crazy nightmares...as in a bird was using their 'claws' to claw at me and scratch me. So how does a fear of a bird relieving itself all over you turn into death by birds??? That I'm really not sure of.

I hope I started your Monday off with a laugh and that you all had great weekends!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I have a complaint...albeit a pretty petty one...but here goes.

When the boyfriend cooks he makes THE hugest messes and it is driving me batty. Granted I should be happy I have a man in my life that enjoys cooking and makes quite elaborate things...but last night he decided he was going to make pasta...like homemade pasta noodles from scratch...

Can I just say there was flour EVERYWHERE. I really should have taken pictures because it was unbelievable the places he got the flour...like on the walls, all over the microwave...it literally looked like he had taken handfuls of it and thrown it all over the place.

Now...when *I* cook I'm careful to clean as I go. Granted I'm a woman and we are great multi-taskers...men? Not so much...or so I've been told.

Soooooooooo, tonight the boyfriend is going to take his homemade pasta and make linguine...I can hardly wait to see the mess he makes...

did you sense the sarcasm there...I wish there were emoticons on blogger, don't you??? lol.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Extreme Makover - Me Edition - Week 5

Amber @ aefilkins started this weekly post and so hop on over to her blog to find out how to 'play' along.

This past week I was able to get my eating back on track...but I still haven't had the motiviation to get back on my eliptical. What is stopping me? I think mostly time.

I have no problem doing the stairs with the girls here at work...and I've also started walking for 45 minutes everyday (or at least when neither of us has lunch plans...so almost everyday) at lunch with my friend E who works in a building just across the street from where I work. But when I get home there is so much to do and with the nice (or at least nicer) weather we want to be outside...plus Spring has given me motivation to clean and organize...so then there leaves no time for my really good workout! I NEED to make this a priority...because I feel like I'm starting to get flabby again and I don't like it ONE little bit...

This week's question:

Share some of the music that you work out to. What helps you rock it!? What gets your blood pumpin?

To be honest I usually work out while watching TV...I get lost in whatever show I'm watching and sometimes even forget I'm exercising...imagine that??? BUT when my family came to stay 2 weeks ago we moved the basement tv into the boy's room so the kids (and my brothers) could play video games without monopolizing the tv in the living room...and the boy has begged me to let him keep it...sooooooo, no more tv while on the elliptical for me....I'll have to put a radio down there or steal the boyfriend's mp3 player...or even the boy's because now he has one too...where's mine??? lol. All that to say...I'm open to suggestions...and of course have jotted down what the rest of you answered to this question.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day...AND...Happy Administrative Professionals Day...

Or Happy Secretary's Day (as they used to call it before everything had to be all politically correct lol)! I gotta say that the law firm I work for has really stepped up showing us their appreciation...two years ago we got the accounting system from HELL...and since then we get a whole week of fabulous draws, games and of course gifts (the gifts are my favorite part). This year so far they've given us coffee and treats, a beautiful spider mum (that's a flower for those of you like me with no green thumb)...though this is the 2nd year in a row mine's been given to me half dead...what gives??? Today we've been promised a number of surprises...usually our 'big' gift is a $25 gift card to the local mall...I sure hope that's what we get again this year...mama needs a new pair of shoes! lol.

Which brings me to an interesting thing the boy said to me this morning...

Boy: Mom how did you choose what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Me: Well I just waited until I was a little older and then decided to go back to school...what I do is interesting...to me anyway. I changed my mind alot growing up...at one time I thought I wanted to be a nurse or a teacher...but as I got older I decided I wanted a job that I could go to everyday during the day and then come home and spend time with my family...I used to hate waitressing because of all the crazy hours and wanted a job that had regular hours.

Boy: Well I was thinking I wanted to be a chef...but grandpa told me I shouldn't do that because they don't make very much money.

Me: Wellllllll, it's not always about how much money you make...sometimes it's about doing something that you love.

Boy: Yeah but I want to make lots of money...and now I have no idea what i want to be when I grow up...it sucks!

Me: Well you told me before that you might like to be a cop or a teacher...

Boy: Yeah sometimes I think that's what I want to be...and then I change my mind.

Me: My boy, you have plenty of time to figure out what you want to be when you grow up...try not to stress little guy.

The things this kid stresses himself out over...let me tell ya! He'll have an ulcer before he's 10.

Are you wearing green today in support of Earth Day? I'm wearing a turquoise colour..it was as close to green as I could get this morning. The boy was so excited I had picked him out a green shirt and blue jeans....because from way up high (like outer space) he'd look like the Earth...blue and green (his words) lol.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Blog Award and some ramblings...

My bloggy friend Melissa over at Shimmermeblue gave me this award! She's so great and I think you would all enjoy reading her blogs (she just started a second one called outnumbered 3 to 1).

Now I must pass this award on.

Here are the rules:

1. The winner may put the logo onto their blog

2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.

3. Nominate 10 blogs

4. Put links to their blogs.

5. Leave a message for the nominees.

I may not get around to number 5 because well...I have work to do...and I guess while I'm at work they expect me to do some work...what a concept??? haha. So if you don't read my blog today and I gave you this award...well...you may never know it...and how much would that suck??? LOTS! That's how much.

My nominees are:

Amber @ aefilkins

That Girl @ Sunshine and Rainbows

Impulsive Addict @ Confessions of an Impulsive Addict

Shalay @ Writefully yours: Misadventures of a Housewife in Training

Mom @ Life Exaggerated

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Barb @ Spotlis

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Jen @ Another Online Mom

Carole @ Youngest of 3 Sisters

I feel like I've rambled alot already and I haven't even started the rambling part of this post...lol.

So, the boy...what's new with him??? How about all this kid can talk about is his upcoming birthday party! I totally understand his excitement...afterall, this event only comes around once a year...BUT my child must have inherited some sort of OCD gene that skipped over me somehow. He was quite obsessive last year about what time everyone would arrive, what time we'd have cake, what time we'd do presents, etc. If I remember correctly he even wrote out a schedule lol.

This year it is much the same. Quite frankly, I don't believe the little guy has an ounce of faith that I could plan this party without him taking the reigns. Perhaps that's because I can be a bit of a scatterbrain at times...but this morning when he went on again about how we'd have to buy all the decorations and invitations I said to myself (not out loud of course) that "I wish I could fast forward and just have it be party day already".

Those of you that have been following a little while know that this obsession with the party started say around...ummm...mid-February...so it's been a long few months. Remember back then when I was trying to convince him to have the party at a bowling alley or movie theatre (less effort for me the better)??? He would have absolutely no part of it!!! But just 2 days ago he suggested we not have it at the community club and have it at one of the places I tried for months to convince him on. Sorry little buddy...the plan is set in stone and the community club is paid for!

Enough about the party...because as much as I'm sick of hearing about it...I'm sure you all are too!

One other thing...totally unrelated...

How do I get my child to agree to a haircut??? When did the 'shaggy' look come back in. Both the boyfriend and the boy have decided they want to look like hippies...great.......*insert eye roll here*

Oh and I guess I should get around to changing the background on my blog...Easter has been over for awhile now...maybe later! I really don't want to give up the cute bunnies...

Monday, April 20, 2009

A complaint free world...

Sounds marvellous, right?

Well here's a little something that I will be participating in for the next 21 days.

You can check out their website at www.acomplaintfreeworld.org

But here is what my co-worker (and friend) sent out this morning...so far we only have 7 participants.

Please read the following - I think it might be fun….

A Complaint Free World, Inc. is a non-profit, non-religious entity which provides purple bracelets and other materials to help people affect positive change in their lives. Have you ever heard of the “A Complaint Free World” purple bracelets? After reading the following “rules”, let me know if you’d like to wear one of the purple bracelets:

Begin to wear the bracelet now, on either wrist. (If you decide to participate.)

Every time you complain, gossip or criticize move the bracelet to the other wrist and begin again. Keep moving the bracelet from wrist to wrist until you keep it on the same wrist for 21 consecutive days. (Some people have to move their bracelets more than 20 times a day and some people have worn out their bracelets.)

If you hear someone else who is wearing a purple bracelet complain, you may point out their need to switch the bracelet to the other wrist, BUT if you’re going to do this you must move your bracelet first because you’re complaining about their complaining. (I have 14 bracelets to hand out so there will be 15 victims, I mean people, wearing purple bracelets. (Unless I can’t get 14 people to try this – yikes!))

Stay with it. It may take many months but when you reach 21 days you will find that your entire life is happier, move loving, more positive and more abundant.

I thought this might be interesting, but if you don’t want to participate that’s fine. Just let me know either way so I can either give you a bracelet or someone else can have it.


Almost 6 million bracelets have been given out.

I heard about the bracelets on CBC News, but they’ve also been featured on Oprah and The Today Show.

Why 21 days? Scientists believe it takes 21 days to form a new habit and complaining is habitual for most of us.

“How do you know if you’re complaining? To ‘complain’ is defined as ‘to express pain, grief, or discontent.’ Surely, it makes sense to express pain, grief or discontent occasionally but most people do so constantly. In so doing, they are talking and thinking about what they do not want in their life and, thereby, attracting more pain, grief and discontent. Instead, think and talk about what you are grateful for. Talk about what you DO want and not what you DON'T want.” (This was taken from the website.)

How often does the average person complain? About 15 – 30 times each day.

“If you think a complaint but don’t speak it do you have to move my bracelet? No, only if you speak a complaint aloud should you move your bracelet to the other arm. But you will find that the more you stop articulating your complaints the less complaining thoughts you have. Through this process you will reformat your mental hard drive and become a happier person.” (This was also taken from the website.)

Waiting to hear from you,


(P.S. If you decide to wear the purple bracelet, let me know once you’ve worn it on the same wrist for 21 days.)

So I'll be gossiping, complaining and critisizing a whole lot on my blog since that way I won't be "speaking my complaints out loud" haha. There's always a way around it!!!

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 17, 2009

A little of this and a little of that...

Tag...I'm it!!! I feel so loved because not only did one of my bloggy friends tag me...but 2 did. I'm a slacker and didn't post when Staci over at Playing house tagged me...I had every intention of getting around to it...but just didn't. So then yesterday when Impulsive Addict over at
Confessions of an Impulsive Addict tagged me, I felt super guilty and figured I had better get on this.

Thanks for tagging me with this one girls...it's a fun one!!!

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To

1. Date night tonight!
2. The boy's birthday party
3. BBQ'ed food...YUM
4. Camping this summer
5. Hanging out at the beach
6. Planning my 30th birthday in VEGAS (it's still over a year away but we need to start planning soon)
7. Girls weekend away...no boys allowed (we do this twice a year...once at the beginning of summer and then again at the end).
8. The boyfriend and I celebrating our 2 year anniversary (the day after the boy's birthday is the day we met).

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Bought my lunch for the first time this week...I've been a good girl and brought my lunch every other day (this is huge...I'm a former "buy my lunch every single day" girl...since I've been trying to get in shape I find it's easier to bring a healthy lunch than to try and buy one).
2. Booked the community club for the boy's birthday party.
3. Informed the boy of my plans for his birthday party and prayed that he would love them...he did....yay mommy!
4. Went to an information night at the boy's school.
5. Went home to research what the heck a "Balanced School Day" is anyway...the principal is very wordy and I was kind of confused after she talked for 1.5 hours.
6. Forgot to change my shoes when I left work so my pretty ballet flats ended up covered in MUD...yuck.
7. Thought about drinking beer...but then remembered my new rule...ONLY on Friday lol.
8. Spent most of my work day on Blogger.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

1. Go home right this minute and get some more sleep!
2. Lose the 'tire' that seems to have developed around my tummy area.
3. I wish we could afford to buy a house...I hate renting...Maybe someday.
4. I wish I could fire all the ppl I work with that annoy me...I'm really not that easily annoyed but there are definitely a few ppl that get under my skin.
5. Wear sandals and not have my feet freeze...soon...
6. Go on a shopping spree...that someone else paid for.
7. Road Trip...I haven't been on one in a long time and they are always so much fun.
8. Play an instrument...the only thing I ever learnt how to play was the flute and I hated it. I love playing guitar hero and think playing a real guitar would be lots of fun.

8 Shows I Watch

1. Big Brother (my favorite...too bad it's only on once a year and in the Summer)
2. American Idol (go Adam!)
3. Survivor (only because I was suckered into the survivor pool here at work...go Coach!)
4. Weeds (it's wacky and I love it)
5. Desperate Housewives
6. What not to Wear
7. Family Guy (the boyfriend and I watch this almost everynight lol...losers? yeah I know we are)
8. Intervention

8 People I Tag

This is where I am not going to follow the rules...I'm going to tag you all...but only if you want to do this (but I think you all should because it's lots of fun!).

In other news...

Our City has declared a 'state of emergency' because of the rivers flooding.

You can read about it here:


Thankfully, we don't live anywhere near the rivers...but the boyfriends old apartment (he moved out of it last May) is severly at risk of being flooded...we have a few friends in that area so they've had to go out and sandbag to protect their properties. I can't even imagine. Hundreds of homes have been evacuated and these people are staying in trailers, going to community centres for food and clothing...I really feel for them...I know I would hate to have to leave my home for an undetermined amount of time.

And on to yet one more topic...

You may have noticed above that I mentioned a "Balanced School Day"...basically instead of the traditional morning recess, lunch, afternoon recess...the boy's school wants to introduce the balanced school day schedule...which consists of 2 nutrition breaks and 2 activity breaks...confused? Yeah me too. LOL.

If you are interested here's a link:

I see many benefits to this type of schedule...but now I have to send my child to school with 2 small lunches as opposed to 1 lunch and 2 small snacks...it's a change...one I'm sure I'll get used to...but have I mentioned before that I hate change???

K, that's enough rambling from me! HAPPY FRIDAY!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I need your help...

So I just booked the boy's birthday party:

Saturday, May 9th 2:30 to 4:30.

It's going to be at the community club right behind his school. I wanted it there as opposed to at home...because there is more room for the kids to run around and I want to play some traditional birthday party games...musical chairs is one that instantly comes to mind.

So here's where I need your help...

What games did/do you play at your birthday parties as a child, at your child(ren)'s birthday parties...I'd kind of prefer if each game had a winner at the end...I plan to buy a bunch of dollar store toys and wrap them and throw them into a great big ol' bucket and the winner of each game can choose a prize (but they won't know what it is...hehe).

He'll be 8 this year and all his friends are approximately that age.

I figure we'll do 45 min to an hour of organized birthday party games and the rest of the time will be 'free play' with balloons and balls! With the last half hour being left for cake and presents (because I'm evil and like to fill children full of sugar RIGHT before their parents come and get them).

Other food I plan to have is cheese and crackers, potatoe chips and fruit...of course lots of drinks on hand because I hear kids get very thirsty running around like hooligans.

Any ideas you guys have would be great.

I haven't told the boy yet that we are doing it at the club instead of at home...and I sure hope he thinks that's cool. I'll let you know tomorrow how our conversation goes!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Writing Workshop - In the News

Mamakat does this fabulous weekly post and I really enjoy writing it and reading others posts too. Hop on over there to read the directions.

Here are this weeks prompts:

1.) If I sent you four hundred dollars today what is ONE thing you would spend it on and why. ps I want my change.

2.) What are your kids talking about?

3.) Tell us about a local news story that's all the buzz right now in your neck of the woods.

4.) Share some blogging advice.

5.) Tell us about that time at the playground when that thing happened.

I'm going to choose No. 3 because it was something I intended on blogging about anyway.

I am going to talk about the missing.

The missing child I have been praying for is named Victoria "Tori" Stafford. She is not local to where I live now...but she lives in the same town as many of the boy's relatives on his bio-dad's side. So this one hits very close to home for me.

Somehow it's different from when I read about cases such as Caylee Anthony or Haleigh Cummings (two cases I have been following for quite some time now). This child could be my child or your child. There are no loop holes in the parents' stories and there is no reason to suspect that this little girl knew her abductor.

This young 8 year old girl was abducted on her way home from school. Video surveillance shows her walking away with an unidentified female in a white parka...unfortunately the video is not clear enough to give out a proper description of this woman.

Here is a link to the story but if you google "Victoria Stafford" hundreds of links will come up.


Just the other night my friend and I were discussing when our boys would be old enough to walk to school on their own or with a buddy...both our boys will be 8 (my boy next month and hers in September)...now I do realize they are still a little young but by 10 years old I know the boy will be begging me to be allowed to walk places on his own. As it is we battle about whether he can go to the park that is one block away with his friends...I just can't let him go...not yet. He needs to be under my watchful eye at all times.

When did the world become this? I remember going to play in the neighbourhood at 7 and 8 years old and not coming home until the street lights came on...things have sure changed in the past 20+ years.

Extreme Makeover - Me Edition - Week 4

Is this week 4??? I'm too lazy to go check what last week was lol.

Amber started this weekly post and I think it's great to keep track of my own progress and also have the support of others...so jump on over there for the directions if you want to play along.

This week...I admit...I wasn't even going to post...but then I read Amber's post and thought "okay good, we are all (or likely most of us) in the same boat this week".

I most definitely blew it with Easter...in fact I decided I was off my diet as of Thursday and went out for lunch with some co-workers and indulged in a HUGE plate of fries and gravy. Pizza and beer that night...Friday I actually didn't do too bad...but then Saturday the boyfriend and I hosted dinner. Turkey, perogies...lots of mashed potatoes, stuffing!!! YUM YUM YUM. We had our Easter egg hunt on Saturday so there has been chocolate galore since early that morning. With my family around there was also quite a bit of beer drinkin' going on...oh how that stuff bloats you!

So this weeks question is:

What are you going to do this week to get yourself back on track??

First off is I must rid myself of the urge to eat ALL of the chocolate that was given to me personally (my grandfather gave me a solid chocolate easter bunny and the boyfriend's mom gave us both a big container of Reeses. I ate about 2,569 mini Reeses cups over the weekend (in my defence don't you have to eat at least 10 of those before it equals a whole regular size chocolate bar??). So last night I had my last few and told myself...this is it. The boy and the boyfriend can have my leftover chocolate. Better them gain the weight than me, right??? lol.

I also fell off the exercise wagon being so busy with all the festivities!

Tonight...I plan to get back on that elliptical. Perhaps we'll even head out for a walk in the park since the nice weather has finally arrived.

After my time on the elliptical I will do 100 crunches...I had just started this 2 weeks ago and even after only doing crunches 3x I was noticing a fairly significant difference.

So my goals this week are to eat better and get back to exercising...seems simple, right? Well I'll let you know next week if I managed to acheive these goals.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Have Missed Blogging!

But more importantly I've missed reading all of your blogs...I am so behind in reading...hopefully today I'll be able to get to all of your blogs to read what you have been up to and how Easter was for all of you.

The weekend went well...not all good, but not totally bad either. One thing I will say is that my house is WAY too small to have 7 people in at all times...neither of my brothers went anywhere the whole 4 days they were staying with us. My mom and I did get to escape for a little girl time here and there...but for the most part we were all on top of each other (okay not literally) and it started to drive us all a little crazy.

My mom took our dog Bailey home with her when they left Sunday. It was something we had been discussing for quite some time...you see she purchased the dog about 3 years ago when she was living with the boy and I...but when she moved out 2 years ago she left the dog with us...there was no option for her to take Bailey because she lived in an apartment that didn't allow pets. Lately I've noticed that we are just too busy to properly care for a dog at this point in our lives. We are away from home for approximately 10 hours 5 days a week and then the weekends are busy too. There is less and less time to walk the dog and the boy really hasn't been paying alot of attention to her. It was a tough decision...but one I'm glad we made. I miss her...we all miss her presence...but I think a cat is more our speed right now...I've always been a cat person. They are so much more independent...yet will still want to cuddle sometimes.

The boy was spoiled rotten all weekend long...my mom just loves to spoil him...and we had Easter so of course there is chocolate galore in my house. I finally indulged in a cream egg last night...YUM. Reeses are my big downfall...I feel fat and bloated...so no more junk for me!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mom of the Year Award

The lovely Melissa over at Shimmermeblue (totally check her out, she's got great product reviews and lots of cool giveaways) gave me this award...mom of the year? I'm not really sure, but I do try my very best to be the best mom I can be every single day...as I'm sure we all do.

Rules for Mom of the Year Award:

Admit one thing you feel awful about involving being a mom.

Get it off your shoulders. Once you've written it down, you are No Longer allowed to feel bad. It's over with, it's in the past. Remember, you're a good mom!

I feel awful that I have to work fulltime...I feel like when I get home at the end of the day I am just too tired to do the things I enjoy doing with the boy...most times I can put on the mask and be happy and energetic and then eventually really get into what he wants to play or do...but other times there's just no hiding the exhaustion...and I'm tired and irritable and just no fun to be around...

Remind yourself you are a good mom, list seven things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you.

These are the things to remind yourself everyday that you Rock!

1. I love that the boy is so unlike me in that he's a social butterfly...I guess I'm more like that now but as a child I was scared of my own shadow.

2. Movie nights with the lights off, lots of blankets and pillows, and of course microwave popcorn.

3. I love that the boy loves to read!!

4. I love that the boy calls me 'mama'...never did I ever say anything other than mom when referring to myself but when he was about 3 he started to call me mama and it stuck.

5. I love his imagination.

6. He's so kind, thoughtful and considerate.

7. Camping...he's got that outdoorsy gene...and I love it.

Send this to five other Mom's of the year that deserve credit for being great moms and remind them that they are the best moms they can be!! Remember to send them a note to let them know you've selected them, and add a link to the person who nominated you.

Now I didn't check any of your blogs to make sure you hadn't already received this...so I apologize if I'm giving it to you for the second or third time around. I nominate the following bloggers...by blog name:

Sunshine and Rainbows


Don't Eat The Yellow Snow...


Lazy Crazy Mama

****Just a little update on my weekend...it seemed to be going well until both brothers had a few too many last night...it went a little down hill from there...BUT thankfully today was a new day and there will be no excessive drinking going on with those two under my roof again...NEVER. I'd tell you the details but I'm elbow deep in cooking and cleaning...HAPPY EASTER!*****

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So, remember a little while back when I wrote a letter to my co-worker? If not, you can click here to read it. Said co-worker sits right next to me and on more than one ocassion has said a few "off colour" things to me.

Case in point, 2 weeks ago I was 15 minutes late for work (as a side note I am a very punctual person and am NEVER late)...a school bus got stuck in the snow and that delayed the bus I take to work every morning. When I walked into work this co-worker remarked "oh are you making your own hours these days?"...ummm excuse me??? It took everything in me not to tell her to go to...well you know where lol.

Anyways, I've shared a few of these comments with some of my friends and have inadvertantly formed a 'hate group' of sorts. I really didn't expect people to take sides in our 'war' and believe that she is a really nice woman outside of work so I don't wish her any harm or anything...I just needed to vent.

So, Imagine my shock when a girl I work with and consider a friend stood behind said co-worker the other day and was mocking her and making fun. I mean it was funny as heck...but still I feel bad for creating this nonsense.

I guess when I decided to become a legal secretary/assistant (which ever is politically correct these days) I should have taken into account the fact that almost all other assistants would be female and that makes for some serious cattiness.

The looming family visit starts tonight...I may not be much of a blogger until my chaotic household gets back to normal on Sunday...I hope you'll all miss me lots!

Extreme Makeover - Me Edition Week 3

Hop on over to Amber's blog to find out how to play along.

So I didn't participate last week by posting...because honestly I didn't feel I had anything to share. I've been in an exercise slump. I was doing so well for close to a month and then boom...my life got busy and I haven't made the time to exercise. The girls and I have still been doing the stairs here at work every afternoon...down 16 flights and then up 9 (which is 2 more up than we were doing previously)...so I guess that is something and I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

In the eating department...I'm still not counting calories...but I have really reduced my fat/junk intake...we splurged on a George Foreman grill and tried it out for the first time last night with burgers...and let me tell you, this thing is awesome!!! I know it doesn't totally eliminate the fat but it sure does take alot of it out. When I emptied the little drip tray after only cooking 2 burgers I was amazed at how much fat it took out of them...and don't worry about them not being juicy or not having enough flavour (I had heard that about burgers on this type of grill)...because the boyfriend and I loved them.

I haven't had a chip or any chocolate in god knows how long...I even resisted when we were at the movies the other day and the boy had a kit kat and offered me a piece...

This weekend is Easter and there will be chocolate galore at my house. I'm also cooking dinner for my family that will be in town and have invited some other extended family as well. So I'll probably have a not so good weekend in the eating department...but I guess we all need those days/weekends every once in awhile.

Amber's question this week is:

How are you keeping track of your achievements. How do you reward yourself when you acheive a goal?

Honestly, I can't keep track of my acheivements by using a scale...I cannot weigh myself without getting frustrated and obsessive...we don't own a scale for that reason. I feel good and my clothes are starting to fit a little nicer so that's how I measure success. I haven't rewarded myself as of yet because I just don't feel like I've got it all together. Maybe next week (after all the Easter festivities) will be the week that I have both exercise and eating on track!

People often ask me why I workout and watch what I eat because to them I have the ideal body shape and type...I'm tall and relatively slim...but for me it's also about keeping that mobility. Do I want to be 55 and not able to bend down because my knees will crack and be stiff? Absolutely not!!! I've always had bad knees and figured it would just continue to get worse with age...but since I've started doing the stairs daily, they have not bothered me even once. No pain...who can complain about that???

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Frugal Boy

So since the boy ditched me on Friday I was planning to take him to see Monsters vs. Aliens on Saturday. Well he woke me up all excited that morning because he remembered the coupon he had for the movie theatre that came in one of his cereal boxes (I swear my kid doesn't buy the cereal for the prize...it's just cause he really likes it...uh huh...yep...totally true lol).

Anyways, we cut the coupon out of the box and it entitled us to one free child's admission...the only problem it could only be used from Sunday to Thursday. The boy was super disappointed and seeing as I hadn't even remembered we had the coupon I tried to convince him it was totally okay and that I'd pay this time and we'd use his coupon the next time. But no he wouldn't hear of it. He insisted we go on Sunday so he could get in free.

We set that plan in motion and just had a quiet day at home on Saturday. Sunday we got up and he brought me the coupon again. I decided if we were going to use it I should probably read the fine print. Oh no!!! Cannot be used for 3-D movies...urgh. We totally planned to go see the movie in 3-D...so again I tell the boy that if we use the coupon we'll have to see another movie or see the one he wanted but not in 3-D. I really wanted to see it in 3-D and convinced him that he should let me pay this time and we'd save the coupon.

ONLY to get to the theatre and realize that I totally messed up the times and the 4:00 show was NOT in 3-D. I asked the boy if he wanted to wait an hour for the 3-D version and he of course piped up "nope I'd rather not see it in 3-D anyway...it kind of freaks me out". Come to think of it he's never seen a movie in 3-D and probably has no idea what it really is. But alas it all worked out...the boy was not 'freaked out' and we were able to use the coupon!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Through My Eyes Friday - Saturday Edition

Life in the Lapadula House created this weekly meme and I thought I'd play along this week.

This is what I saw out my side door on Wednesday morning...it's beautiful, this I know...but again I'm dying for spring to get here...the weather channel tells me maybe next week lol.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Writers Workshop - Moments of Fear

That Girl over at Sunshine and Rainbows turned me on to Mama Kat's blog and this little writers workship. Each week Mama Kat posts 5 prompts and you choose one and write a post on it.

Here are this weeks:

The Prompts:

1.) Why did you do it?
2.) What is a common misconception about you?
3.) Describe a moment when you felt afraid.
4.) In what ways are you turning into your mother?
5.) Are you always right?

I am going to talk about 2 times in my life that I felt absolutely terrified. Both popped into my head immediately and I couldn't decide which one to write on...so I'll do both.

A little bit of background. My parents divorced when I was 11 years old and my mother remarried the year I turned 15. They were married all of one week before he started getting physical with her and even said the words "a man must beat his wife...how else will she ever learn". I watched and tried to help my mom...many times I'd call the police and they would show up and my mom would just send them away. So to avoid all the terrible things that were going on at home I would just spend most of my time at friends houses.

Fast forward approximately 9 months. I came home from writing an exam at school...it was about 11:00 a.m. and when I walked through the door it looked as if we'd been robbed. The house was trashed...everything was everywhere and no one was home. I found that odd because when I left for school that morning both my mom and stepfather were at home and had the day off from work (as far as I knew). So I scanned through the house and noticed not a thing was missing...again odd...if we had been robbed why wouldn't they take anything? Then, I walked into the bathroom and saw blood...everywhere. The towel bar had been ripped off the wall and was lying on the floor...the cordless phone had been thrown and now lay in pieces on the floor. I was absolutely terrified. Not knowing who to call or what to do...or where either my mom or stepfather were...I sat outside and waited...and smoked about a pack of cigarettes in one hour. Looking back, I guess I was in shock...I had no idea where to go or who to call.

Finally, I guess my mom remembered I'd be home earlier than any normal school day because of exams and she contacted her friend that lived down the street from us and told her to make sure I was okay. So she came down and stayed with me and explained that my mom had been beaten pretty bad and was in the hospital and that my stepfather was sitting down at the police station...attempting to press charges against my mom...when the police arrived to arrest my mom they immediately called an ambulance realizing she was the one that was in rough shape and not my stepfather who had a couple of scratches on his arm.

Eventually, the stepfather was deported (he was originally from Trinidad)...but not before our entire lives were disrupted. We lived in fear of his friends and didn't feel safe staying in our home or the town we lived in. So my mom moved us away...this was all before the deportation took place. He first had to stand trial because he of course pled "not guilty".

Amazingly I had blocked out the events surrounding why we "went on the run"...I mean not totally blocked it out but I didn't have memories of walking until the house or of what I saw in the bathroom...until just a few weeks ago out of the clear blue I was telling the boyfriend the story (I have no idea how it came up in conversation) and I saw myself...right back there.

The other time in my life I felt completely terrified...was when I found out I was pregnant. Though the boy's Sperm Donor and I were not taking precautions to prevent pregnancy (he wanted a baby)...I guess I just thought it wouldn't happen to me...I lived in complete denial for the first 3 months of my pregnancy and told no one I was pregnant. The SD and I had quite a rocky relationship by that time and the last thing I wanted was to have his baby. The day I finally went to the doctor's office to confirm my fear of being pregnant...I went home to tell SD the results and he seemed excited...okay good...until he realized it was Halloween night and I couldn't partake in the partying he had planned...so he told me not to bother even coming to the party that I'd be better off at home...I later found out his 'mistress' was at the party and he was looking for excuses to keep me away. Not to mention our fridge conked out on us that very same afternoon and he expected me to clean it out and stick around while the landlord delivered the new one.

As you can imagine I was beyond miffed and told him that if he left me home alone that night his things would be packed and outside the apartment door the next morning. He had no idea that I'd follow through...but by that point I had just had it with his attitude and treating me like crap. Two days later I found out about the mistress. She knew about me and knew I was pregnant and still she continued to see him. For a long time I was angry at her...but now I realize it was all him.

So I was alone, 20 years old, my mother and I were not on speaking terms at the time, I was absolutely terrified at the thought of bringing a tiny, helpless baby into the world. Actually, I remember very vividly the night he was born. My mom was in the delivery room with me but right after the boy was born she went home to get some sleep...and as he lay in his little hospital bassinette I remember staring at him and thinking to myself "what now?"..."How on earth am I ever going to care for this little guy?"

But I'm proud to say I have...he's such a great little guy and I love him more and more each day. SD has met him all of 3 times and honestly I feel more sorry for SD than I do for the boy. He's missing out on this amazingly smart, funny, adventurous kid. But I guess it's karma...he shouldn't have been cheating on me and he should have respected me. To this day he tells me he really messed things up...yes you did buddy.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my turbulent life...I promise I won't always do such depressing posts!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So one week from today my mom and brother and nephew arrive...and then the next day my other brother flies in. I'm feeling so anxious about having my family back together again...and in MY house. I just hope we can all get along for the 4 days they will be here...that's been really tough in the past.

You see my mom babies both my brothers and even when they make the wrong choices in life she stands behind them 100%. This irritates me so much...I feel like if maybe she helped to guide them instead of blaming all their problems on the other ppl involved...case in point my brother and his ex and all that has come from that...he beat her up and she (finally) got wise and left...there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it...she's moved on and I for one am very happy for her...my mom thinks she's wrong for moving on so quickly. But who am I to judge? She lived a long, tough 7 years with my brother who I know firsthand is not easy to live with.

I hope he comes here with a new outlook on life...he hasn't seen the boy since he was about 4 years old...and has never met the boyfriend...so you can see where my anxiety lies. I hope he realizes he is coming into our house and will need to show respect.

I'm probably working myself up far too much over this...and hope it will go very smoothly. We have plans to go out on the Saturday...I've hired a sitter for the boy and his cousin and we'll head out for some drinks and dancing. My mom suggested it might be good to stay busy and be out and about...that might not work for this homebody lol.

This Friday since the boy has ditched me...the boyfriend and I will have a date day. I'm very excited. We'll go out for breakfast and then spend the day together...it would be nice if the weather warmed up (and the snow melted) so we could go for a long walk in the park or something like that.

Movie day will be Saturday when the boy is not busy with his friends.