Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Deep Thoughts...

So what defines a relationship these days? I have been seeing T now for 2 months yet I wonder if he would call me his girlfriend and/or if I should be referring to him as my boyfriend and not just "the guy I'm seeing". I'm in no rush to define things...but at the same time we've hung with each other's families...spent the last 5 nights together...our boys fight like siblings yet are the best of friends...sure feels like a relationship...

I find myself thinking some pretty deep thoughts...I don't question that I'm happy cause he really is the sweetest, kindest, most considerate man I've ever been with...I just wonder if I'm ready...but who am I to sabotage a good thing just because the timing might not be quite right! Right?

The built in 'family' suits me quite nice...it's really the first time I've dated a guy that has partial custody of his child (week on, week off) - I love his little boy and I can tell he's growing quite fond of me too...wanting to show me all kinds of things that he thinks are neat and cool. I've heard many step-parenting woes through the years and can imagine that if this relationship continues to get serious we will have our ups and downs where that is concerned...but honestly I feel like I'm up for the challenge...

Can I just say that the sexiest thing is watching a man be an outstanding father! Oh and it doesn't hurt he can cook too! lol.

In other news we are gearing up for Halloween - must carve pumpkin...maybe tonight! The boy has his costume and will be dressing up as "Rex" from Star Wars...he's a clone trooper if you didn't know...not to be confused with a storm trooper...as the boy would say.

School is still going well. My boy continues to amaze me with his participation is extra curricular activities at school. Currently he's in handball and is still enjoying being a patrol crosser.

I guess that's my update for now...I would like to promise that I will blog more regularly...but life keeps getting in the way...I hope I still have some readers!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What is new in the world of Mel?


It's been awhile since I've posted...I don't know what it is...I have the time but sometimes I'm just too lazy to do anymore than read all of your blogs...sometimes I'm even too lazy to comment and I hate that!

So since I posted last - I put myself on Plenty of Fish (dating site for those that don't know) because I was lonely and looking for friends...nothing serious just someone to hang out with...I met 2 guys from there and they both turned out to be a little bit crazy...I mean I know I'm a pretty good catch but you can't want to spend every single waking moment with me after 2 dates...I just don't roll that way! I am a single mom...newly single at that...and I need time for ME sometimes too.

So needless to say after trying that route and failing...oh and having the ex-boyfriend find my profile and essentially stalk me on there...yeah decided it wasn't the route I wanted to take...

BUT there is someone in my life...we are taking it very very very slow...he's been a friend for years and in fact was my neighbour up until 2 years ago...the ex-boyfriend was extremely jealous of our friendship and forbid it...needless to say as soon as (hmmm what should I call him...lol) "T" found out that the ex-boyfriend and I split up he called me and we've been hanging out ever since. Our boys are friends from when we were neighbours and so far the boy approves of our 'dating'. He really only found out we were more than friends last weekend when he caught us holding hands lol.

I won't change my Facebook relationship status just yet...I just don't feel like I'm quite there yet...I've been calling it "almost a relationship" for about 3 days now...I guess I'm just scared that it's too soon.

The ex-boyfriend is still in touch on a weekly basis even though I've asked him to please just leave me be...he's having a very hard time accepting that it's over with us and there is no talking things out anymore...he crossed far too many lines.

So that's my 'love life' in a nutshell.

Now on to the boy - he's doing great in school - slightly sassy and his teacher does not approve which is great...I've found in the past that his teachers have let him get away with far too much! But besides the sassy attitude he's doing well academically and has joined every club the school offers - he immensely enjoyed Cross Country Running Club and is now in Homework Club and Handball Club. I love that he's so involved in the school. Oh and he's patrolling on his own too. At first he was peeved that they had to spend the whole month of September training and he wanted to stop being a patroler...but now that he's allowed to do it all on his own he's enjoying it alot!