Saturday, February 28, 2009

Date Night Was Fantastic!

And the weekend is also pretty fantastic so far. It's still pretty freakin' cold outside...but the sun is shining and that makes me happy! It really is the little things (like the sunshine) that excite me most.

So yeah, we got to the restaurant around 7:00 and the place was packed...they tell us it will be about a 20 min wait...totally cool, though it irks me that NO restaurant these days take reservations on the weekends...WHY is that??? Anyways, we ended up getting in and seated within 5 minutes. Had some drinks, yummy bread, salad...and then a YUMMY steak and loaded baked potatoe. Then I asked the waiter to surprise me with a drink, something girly but not too sweet lol. He got his GM to make it and the wait staff all stood around to see my reaction...they did good! When I gave them the thumbs up they all breathed a huge sigh of relief...one girl came over and told me she was kind of expecting the ew face...

The yummy concoction was

triple sec
pineapple juice

You should all give it a try sometime!

Well I guess that's enough rambling for now...later!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm excited!

For many different reasons...first off, I have been in a bit of an exercise slump since the eliptical machine decided to bite the dust on me...I mean I've still been exercising here and there but I'm just not feeling my pilates dvds. It's a good workout...that's for sure...BUT the next day I'm always in soooooooo much pain that I don't EVER want to do it again...so like 5 days or a week later I attempt it once again..and the vicious cycle goes on and on. I know I'm obviously going to be a little achey after any workout...but this is always such excrutiating muscle pain...from what I hear, that goes away after a few consecutive workouts...but I've never gotten that far lol.

So without spending a ton of money on a new piece of exercise equipment I was trying to figure out how to find a workout here at the house that I'd enjoy...and today...I had a light bulb moment.

When the boy was about potty training age...I purchased him a step stool, I'm sure you know the ones I mean...plastic, mine happens to be white...perfect for in front of the sink when the little one needs to brush his teeth...

Anyway, we've still got the step stool and it was sitting in our bedroom closet (from the other day when I was trying to organize...in actuality I made more of a mess!) so while I was watching Survivor I pulled it out...and did a step 'routine'...you know, moved my arms this way and that way...all the while going up and down on the stool..and man did I work up a sweat. But most of all...I didn't mind it, I still managed to get lost in Survivor...the best part...I can move the stool around...workout in the living room, bedroom...where ever I want. K, I know I'm a big dork for being this excited about this, eh??? Yeah I know it...it's okay you can think it too. Oh and yes I realize you can totally purchase steps...like the real exercise type ones at any department store...and probably would have eventually...but hey this is just as good!

BTW, I'm really not a Survivor fan..somehow I got talked into being in the Survivor pool at work...and well...now I feel like I have to like it and 'get into it'...and I probably will since there may be some cash at the end of it.

Wow I did all that rambling and still haven't told you about the other thing I'm excited about. The boy has a sleepover at Papa's tomorrow night, Soooooooooo, the boyfriend and I are going on a date...YAY. Dinner for sure...then...we haven't quite decided yet, but regardless it'll be lots of fun.

I won!

A bloggy award that is! This is my second one...but I do believe I failed to participate in the first one (I was new to blogging and didn't have a clue who to pass it on to).
Anyway, I received this one from Melissa...you should totally check her out.
So without further ado...here it is:

And here are the rules:

List 7 things that you love and then pass the award on to 7 people...tagging them and letting them know they won! You can copy the picture of the award and put it on your sideboard letting the whole wide world know you are KReATIV!

Seven things I love

1. Lazy weekend mornings cuddling in bed with my boys!

2. Camping...LOVE IT!

3. Reading (though I don't do enough of it lately).

4. Shopping for fun stuff...like clothes, shoes, etc...NOT that boring old grocery shopping.

5. The way the boy laughs when something is really funny...like that deep from the belly laugh!

6. Coffee...could not go a day without it.

7. My pink and grey sweats...heaven forbid I ever lose them...or the material wears out because they are sooooooooooooooo comfy.

I pass this award on to:

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chocolate Cake

I know most of us are on diets...or at least are trying to be careful about what we eat these days (bathing suit season IS just around the corner...) but I promised a few days ago to share an email I received for THE MOST DANGEROUS CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER!! Why is it the most dangerous??? Because you can make it 5 minutes. Now because *I* too am watching what I'm eating these days...I haven't tried this. BUT when the boy was over at my friend's house the other day he said she made it and he loved it!!! There was chocolate allllllllllllll over his face to prove it too!
So here it is:

4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil (or real butter)
3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional-- NOT!)
a small splash of vanilla extract
1 large coffee mug

Add dry ingredients to mug and mix well.
Add the egg and mix thoroughly.
Pour in the milk and oil and mix well.
Add the chocolate chips and vanilla extract and mix again.
Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts (high).
The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed!
Allow to cool a little, then tip out onto a plate.
EAT! (This can serve 2 if you want to feel slightly more virtuous.)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tell me you've done this!

Okay...so I'm not sure if I'm setting my poor boy up for some sort of psychological something other as he grows up...because well...I lie to the boy...

Just the other night for dinner I made frozen meat pies and told him it was stew...hey it kinda looks that way after you cut it up and stir it around lol. You see the boy HATES pie...apple pie, banana cream pie, chocolate pie...you get the idea...I swear sometimes he cannot be MY child...afterall who doesn't LOVE pie!!!!

So yeah...if I told him it was pie he'd have freaked...O-U-T...so stew it is...until he finds out differently...

Most meat here is chicken...or so the boy thinks.

Whatever it takes to get him to eat the 'good' stuff lol.

Monday, February 23, 2009

He's driving me CRAAAAAZY!

The boy that is...

You see, he's very excited about his upcoming 8th birthday...but here's the thing...It's not until MAY. Anyway, on the way home from daycare today he told me his plans. He wants to invite 5 boys over for a sleepover...now wait just a minute here...

Did I not say that there will be no more sleepover birthday parties for a very very very long time??? Yes of course I did...after last year's fiasco we are soooo NOT going there again anytime soon. You see we had 6 boys in total stay over last year...yes we were absolutely crazy to think everything would be okay with that many boys in one room for 16 hours (but the boy gave me the puppy dog eyes when I told him he could only have 3...and I gave in...I'm a sucker!!!). The boyfriend and I were up all night long...breaking up fist fights, taking kids to seperate rooms, asking (okay begging) for them to please be quiet and go to sleep!!! So it was decided...never again...well at least not until the boy is much older...and we're fully stocked with ear plugs...and happy pills lol.

So when I tell the boy his plans for a sleepover party are not going to come to light he gave me this big dramatic speech about how he already invited all his friend and they have plans!!! Ummm excuse me kiddo you are 7 NOT 17...

I hope I can stand firm this time and not let him talk me into this!!

Sooooooo, any of you with older kids have ideas for bday parties? He says no to bowling and the movies...though I'm sure I can sway him into something fun like this...after of course he's over the HUGE disappointment of no sleepover...again this should have come as no shock!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Festival du Voyageur

We just got back from a local outdoor festival...I unfortunately forgot the camera...so mad at myself because there were some great shots to be had.

The boy had a blast on the snow hill and tobaggan run! This is the first year he attempted the run...he's a pretty cautious kid and in past years thought it was WAY too scary.

We of course indulged in some mini donuts...sooo yummy!

Speaking of yummy...I got an email at work the other day for 5 minute chocolate cake...that you make in a mug...in the microwave! I haven't tried it yet...but will definitely post the recipe tomorrow from work.

All in all it's been a nice, relaxing weekend...hope you are all enjoying it too.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

All of a sudden...

The boyfriend and I are home with no kiddo...how did it happen? My friend P came to pick the boy up for an afternoon playdate...totally spur of the moment.

Too bad the boyfriend is downstairs working on his cribbage boards (he's pretty crafty and lately decided he was going to make a few out of some scraps of wood we have) and I'm in the middle of my major clean day!

It'd be nice to ditch the cleaning and get showered and dressed (afterall it is 1:50 p.m. lol) and go do some window shopping or go sit in a cafe with a cup of coffee...just the two of us...

Hmmm, maybe I should get off the computer and get motivated!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Stalker? I'll let you be the judge

A little bit of background on my old next door neighbours...There was a mom, a dad, and little boy. They lived beside us for the three years we've lived in this house...until last summer when the mom and dad split up. The boy used to play with their little boy (even though he's three years younger) and we've tried to keep up the playdates and sleepovers since they've moved halfway across the city (the dad has custody). Problem is the other little boy has major seperation anxiety (that worsened after his parents seperated) and won't come play at our house, he never wants to be out of dad's site. Sooooooooo, the boyfriend and I have been making the long trek to drop the boy off to them so the kids can play together.

So for approximately 6 months this has been going on about once a month. The last time, I decided that the boy would just have to start going there less and less if we were expected to do all the driving...besides the boy obviously misses this other little playmate so close by because there really aren't alot of kids in our neighbourhood...but he never asks to go there or phone him or anything...basically there is no mention of this other boy unless his dad calls to see if the boy (my boy if I'm confusing you all lol) wants to come over.

So last weekend the ex-neighbour called and left a message asking me to call him back (another thing that irks me is that he never wants to arrange things with the boyfriend it's ME he MUST talk to...I guess in all honesty the boy is not biologically the boyfriend's child...so I guess I'll give him a bit of a break there)...I failed to do so because I was sick and it was Valentine's Day and I just didn't want to talk to anyone (especially someone who likes to share all their 'baby mama' drama with me). Soooooooo Monday comes and he calls again before we were home from work...again I'm sick and have been dragging myself to work all throughout (except that one sick day last week) and when I get home I just don't feel like talking on the phone.

So I guess in the end and in all honesty I've decided not to call him back EVER...lol. Or at least I'd like it to be that way...but since I've decided that he's called my house constantly...like 3 times a day constantly.

The thing that gets me is this...once I've called to try and arrange something and left a message if the other person doesn't return my call...it's probably for a reason (good or bad) and I would never in a million years start to stalk them...which is really what I feel is going on here.

The boyfriend asked me the other night if I thought he was interested in me romantically...I stopped dead in my tracks...because honestly the thought has never crossed my mind before...

This whole mess gets even more complicated because after the mom and dad split up and the moved out...the ex-neighbours older brother moved in next door...so chances are ex-neighbour totally knows we are there and not picking up...so whyyyyyyyyyy oh why does he keep calling???

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Picture Tag

Toni over at it's nap time tagged me...little ole me!!!

So of course I'll play along...


1. Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.

2. Go to the 6th Folder and then pick the 6th Picture.

3. Post it on your bloggy and tell the story that goes with the picture.

4. Tag 5 other glorious peoples to do the same thing and leave a comment on their bloggy tellin’ them ’bout it.

**********so here goes***********

I had to use my photobucket account since this is a pretty new computer and their aren't many pics on it...

This picture was taken in May '06 when the boy was just about to turn 5. We had just come back from a local carnival...the boy, my mom and I. He's sure grown up alot in 3 years! Wow!

Now I'm going to tag (sorry if you've already done this girls):

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Jenna @ the working mom experience

Impulsive addict @ Confessions of an impulsive addict

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fend for Yourselves!

I'm not cooking tonight...lol. But it's cause I feel pukey-ish and decided I just didn't feel like it (can't we get a break from all this sickness???) . The boy had frozen waffles and I have no idea what the boyfriend is cooking up in the kitchen.

My hair dilemma got even more complicated today...a girl at work told me how great it looks long...just when I was leaning towards chopping it all off...okay, that's a lie...I was still tossing the pros and cons around in my head over and over and over again (that's just what i do with any decision big or small).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Short Hair v. Long Hair

I'm planning to make a hair appt. this weekend and just so you all know (it came as a shock to me) it's been almost a freakin' year since I last saw a hairdresser...my life is busy but damn I need to make more time for me!! Granted I put it off several times when it happened to cross my mind because I wanted to 'grow out' my hair...I had it just above chin length for a few years and wanted a little more length to it.

Now it is what I can only describe as 'mom hair' it's got no shape to it and just kind of hangs there...there were layers at one time but they've all grown out. It's just past my shoulders. It's wavy...I hate it...it's not curly and it's not straight....it's that somewhere in between.

Annnnnnnnyways, on to my dilemma...should I do something drastic and cut it short again...or should I just get it trimmed and re-layered and keep the length, I mean...afterall they say after age 55 you should really keep your hair short...long hair apparently ages you...sooooooo, with that being the case I'll have alllll those years after 55 to don the short do.

Buttttttt, at the same time....the reason I like the length is because it's nice to pull it back and completely off my face...but (again with the but lol) when do I don ponytails or do anything with my hair really???...never...never...never...everday I wear it down at work and going out I wear it down...so when I pull it back is mainly when I work out...can I live with it down and on my face while working out...because really I don't need another excuse to NOT work out!!!

This is turning into a rambling mess...so I'll stop now and put you all out of your misery...

I'll let you know what I decide...or I'll keep putting it off...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

I got this from that girl who got it from all that is good and well I'm a sucker for these things. I won't tag anyone but if you want to try it let me know that you did so I can check out your answers too!

1. jog or walk: walk

2. coffee or tea: coffee

3. pepsi or coca cola: coca cola

4. flats or heels: flats - since the boyfriend and I are practically the same height lol - I used to live in my heels.

5. fries or onion rings: fries

6. cats or dogs: cats

7. skim or whole: whole

8. small purses or large: large-ish

9. van or suv: SUV

10. winter or summer: summer

11. 1 piece bathing suit or 2: 2, I hate having to pee while wearing a one piece...it's just such a pain in the #$%.

12. sit down restaurant or fast food: sit down

13. McDonalds or Burger King: McD's

14. White Gold or Yellow: white gold

15. Fish or Chicken: chicken

16. Edward or Jacob: uh, who? - apparently a Twilight reference...but alas I haven't read the books or seen the movie.

17. Pizza or Burger: pizza

18. apple or orange: orange

19. Spend or save: I am definitely a spender...but I hope to become a saver!

20. 1 story or 2 story house: 2

We've gone from colds to sinus infections and now...

puking...Oh the joys. Thank goodness it was a holiday today or I would have had to take another sick day...and any working mom knows that those are limited. I was awakened at approximately 12:45 very early this morning, and only about an hour after I had gone to bed, to my poor boy who was near tears and yelling that he needed me because there was 'barf' everywhere. Let me tell you 'everywhere' was no exaggeration. It took me an hour to get it all cleaned up and both of us back to bed. He's not eating much today...and believe me this child has a never ending pit for a stomach when he's feeling well.

I've opted to have another day of 'just staying home' and he isn't too happy about that. Apparently it's boring...but in all honesty kid...we are not heading out only to have you puking again (and in public this time?? Ummm NO thanks)!!! I promised we'd play Monopoly later...and I've already played 1,698 games of "Go Fish" lol.

Hopefully this extra day off has us all better and ready for school and work tomorrow.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Productive Sunday...

Or was it? I'm sitting here with a glass of wine catching up on blogger...after cleaning my kitchen (dishes are almost all done), 4 loads of laundry..actually maybe 5 cause I did bedding too, baking cookies and now prepping dinner (shepherd's pie)...and you know what?? My house still looks a mess. I guess me being sick most of last week and then the boyfriend getting it towards the end of the week...well...the boy has had run of the house...with not much cleaning or cooking or going on. I'm so glad tomorrow is a holiday!!! Perhaps I'll have a spotless house by this time tomorrow afternoon.

I'm feeling much better!!! Finally!!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

So this is what i came home to yesterday, aren't they purty? I have never recieved flowers for Valentines Day ever before and they came as a complete surprise...I always thought I'd be one those girls that got annoyed because it is the one day of the year that flowers are sooo outrageously priced, give them to me any other day of the year and I'll be just as happy...BUT, I gotta say, I can't stop staring at my pretty Valentines Day roses. Even better, the boyfriend swears he bargain shopped lol.
Excuse the mess on the kitchen table...I thought about cleaning before taking the pic...but frankly, I'm still too sick to give a crap. I managed to pass the nasty cold on to the boyfriend too...we're in for a real romantic (sneezing, coughing, snot filled ewwwwwwww lol) night.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Boy

I haven't uploaded the pics from choir last night but I thought I'd share how it went anyway.

First off...we don't often go to church so the boy was mesmerized by all the decorations and the very high ceilings, sooooooo, needless to say he spent the entire first song staring up at the high ceilings lol. Then during the second song...it seemed he may have had to go the bathroom because he was holding his 'crotch area' the entire time. The boyfriend and I got a good chuckle out of it. I of course had to ask the boy why he was holding his crotch the entire time and try to gently remind him that in the future he might not want to do that because every single person in the audience can see that...his response "my zipper went down and I was trying so hard to get it back up but it just wouldn't stay". lol. Only my boy...every other kid was paying attention and singing away...mine was off in la la land.

I also wanted to share an interesting conversation the boy and the boyfriend had the other night as the boy was on his way to bed:

the boyfriend: Hey Buddy, is everything going alright these days? You know generally...

the boy: Yep everything is going really good.

the boyfriend: That's good to hear...so you don't feel like anything is really missing and you are happy and content?

the boy: Wellllllllllllllllllllll, there is one thing I'm missing that I know would make me soooo sooo happy.

the boyfriend: Oh yeah, what's that?

the boy: A Wii...that would make my life perfect if I had one of those!

I was in the other room while this was taking place but heard it all word for word and couldn't hold back the laughter.

You see, the boy has been begging for a Wii since approximately December 15th...had he asked for it a month sooner he probably would have gotten it for Christmas...but instead he got the blue DS that he told me he just HAD TO HAVE. Now it seems life isn't complete without the Wii. I have to admit I want one too...


For some reason I'm having a hard time commenting on some of the blogs I follow...I'm not sure if I'm the only one having this issue but it is VERY frustrating!!

Maybe it's my computer at work...doesn't seem to like Blogger too much...so I'll try and get on from home later and see if I have the same problem.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear Stripper

It is the middle of winter...you should not be walking around the concourse of my office building with your stomach hanging out, chances are you are not really a stripper but what else am I to think...the people staring at you...that wasn't out of admiration...that was because we've never seen something so absurd...the rest of us are in sweaters and long pants for a reason!

The Boy's Choir Debut

The boy MY boy...will be singing in the choir tonight at a local church (it's the school choir and he's been practicing for weeks). I am so very excited about this because he's developed my love for music...though I can't sing to save my life...but I enjoy to sing nonetheless, especially love Rockband and Singstar. The boyfriend also loves to sing and he's much better at it than I am, he was even in a band once...so he can teach the boy a thing or two as he gets older.

The boy is on top of the world knowing that the boyfriend and I will be out there in the audience. He keeps calling it a choir 'field trip'...which I guess in a sense it is lol. I'll be sure to take pics and post them when I get a chance.

In other news, I still feel like crap...anyone got any home remedies for clearing my sinuses out??? I've been taking some over the counter sinus pills but it feels like they are doing more harm than good...not sure how that works...lol.

This working mom's solution to vday party treats is to head on over to the local bargain store and stock up on lots and lots of yummy chocolate. I hope I can refrain from eating these goodies. I haven't exercised since I broke the eliptical but it is definitely my plan to do my pilates video tonight...if I fail to blog tomorrow it's because the pilates kicked my ass!!!!

I'm so very excited to have some new followers! Hopefully I keep you entertained.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Perhaps I am just heartless

But my little brother is in jail again. He was arrested one week ago. I am not sure of the circumstances and to be honest at this point in time...I really can't be bothered worrying about it. My mom called me today as she was driving home (she's been on vacation for 2 weeks...out of the country) I dropped the bombshell on her...don't get me wrong, I totally expected her to be upset, but what I didn't expect was her to start sobbing uncontrollably. I get that he is your son and I hope that I never have to feel what she feels as the boy grows up. BUT this is NOT the first time he's been in trouble with the law...and my family speculates that he was arrested for harrassing his ex-girlfriend. Yes they were together 7 years and yes it probably feels impossible to him right now to even consider moving on...but that gives him no right to continually make her life a living hell...he did a good job of that while they were together.

I do love my baby brother...in fact as children we were very close. He took a turn for the worse in his teenage years and has never really straightened out since then. You beat your girlfriend and you need to know she will never take you back!!! (If she's smart and strong enough that is!!)...that's what I would love to scream at him sometimes. I've tried to be supportive even when times were tough for him...but it's just never enough...he always finds some reason to be mad at the world.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What are you eating?

If anything, at this very moment? Me, fries and mayo...my biggest guilty pleasure lately. I don't know when I decided I liked them but it started with I'd just do it with McDonald's fries...not anymore...any fry will do! Not so great for this dieting girl! (In my defence, I'm sick and nothing else appealed to me)...Oh and on that note, I broke the eliptical machine last night. I was on there for my (what has turned into) nightly workout and just as I was almost done and ready to stop...the bottom foot hold part (I have no clue how to describe it lol) just snapped right off. The boyfriend thinks maybe he can fix it...I say let's wait till we get my tax refund and buy something new, the one we have was given to us anyway and is probably pretty ancient...I don't want to be injured and thankfully I wasn't last night when this incident occurred.

So it was my objective to stay home and rest today. Unfortunately that didn't happen...so right after the boy goes to bed...I'll be in my bed! The boyfriend went to school...I'm so glad he carpooled because the roads are still so slick. He's a nervous driver at the best of times!

I guess that's it for my random ramblings.

Oh the random car left in the back lane...someone came to get it just as I was about to call it in to the police. I have no idea if they were the people that owned it...but the car is gone and that is one less thing I have to be concerned about.

I'm home today when I should be at work...

For 3 reasons..

1. My throat is killing me and I know I had a fever last night (though I didn't take my temp) because the heat was turned as far down as I could turn it without freezing out my boys...and still I was sweating...then 10 minutes later freezing. So I did not get a good sleep at all!!!

2. There is a mysterious (seemingly) abandoned car 'parked' (if you can call it that) in my back lane...not directly on my property but my neighbour's...and since the car has been there at least 24 hours and he isn't calling it in...I guess I should because if the boyfriend wants to get to school tonight he might want to get his car out...and that will be quite difficult with this abandoned car in the way.

3. The roads and sidewalks are still treacherous...I can handle snow...freezing rain is not cool! But it IS nice and warm out...so I can't complain too much. I just really didn't feel like braving the weather today and even offered to keep the boy home with me....but he wanted to go to school and who am I to discourage that!

I'm going back to bed...hopefully I'll feel better in a few hours...

Monday, February 9, 2009

How we spent Sunday

I often complain about how much I HATE Winter...and today is no exception...we woke up to rain and LOTS of it...which I normally wouldn't complain about (rain means warm) but it froze last night just after it rained and the sidewalks were treacherous this morning and I imagine the roads even worse. I was tempted to crawl on my hands and knees because I was so scared I was going to fall and hit the ground hard...

Anyways.......I came to post pics of our sledding adventure yesterday before the rain came...it was soooo nice out!!!! Hope you enjoyed them.

Busy at work but don't want to work...Monday!

I saw this over at K...is not your average girl and thought it would be fun!

Here goes...

1) What are the 3 things you would save out of your burning house? the boy, the dog, my purse (the boyfriend is old enough he can get out on his own lol).

2) What was the last thing you read/are currently reading?
Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married by Marion Keyes (love her!)

3) Do you nap a lot?
I wish! I hardly ever nap...though we do sleep in quite a bit lately now that the boy is old enough to entertain himself for a few hours.

4) Who was the last person you hugged?
The boyfriend.

5) Where would you like to be at this very moment?
Home and in my bed...it's rainy and dreary out...my bed is the only place that sounds remotely appealing at the moment.

6) What is the last thing you said out loud?
"sure, that sounds great"...my boss T told me he'd be giving me a few more challenging tasks in the near future...bring some of his workload down and rank me up to a "paralegal" on some of his files.

7) What websites do you always visit when you go online?
Blogger, Facebook, Hotmail, Ourspace.

8) What was the last item you bought?
Hmmm, smokes...I think.

9) What is your most challenging goal?
At the moment - saving money...things keep cropping up unexpectedly.

10) If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished, anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Somewhere warm! Probably one of the southern states...or if I wanted to stay here in Canada...I hear British Columbia is nice...even in the winter lol.

11) Favorite Vacation spot?
I haven't been many places...so I'd have to say any local campground...I LOVE camping!!!

12) Say something to the person who tagged you:
I wasn't tagged...BUT I like Kelsey's fun and spunk.

13) Name one thing you just can't resist no matter how bad it is for you:
Umm smoking...it's the worst habit EVER!

14) What is your favorite item of clothing?
My pink and grey sweats.

15) Favorite pair of shoes you keep going back to over and over, even though your closet is over flowing with a zillion others?
Lately, I've been wearing only my clunky winter boots...they have great tread and are WARM! But besides them...I love my new Mickey slip on runners.

16) Name one thing you can not live with out:
the boy...beyond that...the internet haha.

17) What do you envy?
Honestly...nothing really...I guess when I really think about it...a few more assets would be nice, such as a house of our very own.

18) If you could only have one 3 course meal for eternity,what would it be?
Hmmm, caesar salad, lasagna and cheesecake!

19) If you could have one superhuman power, what would it be?
I'd love to be invisible so I could 'spy' on people...I'm evil like that! haha.

20) If you could contribute to any charitable organization, what would it be, and why?
Cancer research...the big "C" has taken away too many of my loved ones.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Me and Weight Loss

So...as far back as I can remember..I was 'that skinny girl'...you know the kind. Great metabolism, ate anything and everything and always stayed teeny tiny. Until I hit about 17 and put on a few pounds. But what happened then is something I am trying desperately to avoid now. I had an eating disorder. Anorexia is what they call it. I starved myself for days on end and was obsessed with how much I weighed. In fact the day I went to the doctor for a pregnancy test (when I was 20 years old) I weighed in at 103 pounds...on my 5'7 frame that was WAY underweight. I wore a size 0 and was very proud of it.

After I gave birth to the boy...I vowed never ever to weigh myself (or at least never to let it become an obsession. I was up to 170 pounds with my pregnancy and after giving birth was approximately 140. I was not happy at that weight but grew to love my body regardless. Through exercise and diet I got myself back down to a healthy 125. The last time I weighed myself at the boyfriend's mom's house (to this day I don't own a scale) I was up to 145 and that was a HUGE shock to me (I blame the boyfriend...it's all that 'falling in love fat' that got me! lol). I had a little mini-freak out but decided to start an exercise routine. I'm up to 3 to 4 days a week but hope to increase that...

It's so hard not running out and buying a scale...but I can't let this become an obsession again. I can't let it become so unhealthy that I dream about the numbers on the scale and deprive myself of the food that I need.

I put a pair of pants on yesterday...they are a size 4...even though I'm about double that in actuality (I buy my pants at this cool store "Ricki's"...sorry to all you Americans but I think it's only Canadian...and the sizes are awesome!...me a size 8 can get into a size 4..so I vowed only to buy pants there haha)...anyways...I have these disgusting love handles...something I've never experienced before! My stomach is pretty toned but my sides have these disgusting rolls...I'd give anything to learn how the heck to get rid of those!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Woohoo it's FRIIIIIIDAY!

Can you tell I'm excited? Mainly it's because it was a long week both at work and at home. I've been feeling miserable lately (not sure why) but the nice weather (finally!!!) and the fact that the weekend is here has turned my mood right around.

Here's a question for you...

Is it just me or does half the working population not work Fridays? Granted there are quite a few people away on winter vacations...but seriously, Friday is the ONLY day of the week we can pull up to daycare and get a spot right out front the doors, it's also the only day I get on the bus and it's less than half full (usually it's standing room only during rush hour), and here at work...it's sooooooooooo quiet. Maybe someday I'll be able to work 4 day weeks...until that day comes I'll enjoy the peace and quiet around here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trying to be Positive

So I feel a bit like a 'Negative Nelly' these days...as I'm sure you can tell...so today I will only blog about positive things.

Last night the boy and I went to "Read with your family" night at school. Although I dreaded going...it was a long day at work and COLD outside...he guilted me into it...I just knew he was going to cry if we didn't go and I would not be responsible for that...so I got over my wimpiness (is that even a word?) and we headed out to school at about 6:45. Was I ever glad we went. The boyfriend stayed home to do some studying for school (he's taking a management course) so it was just the boy and I. There was cookies and juice when we got there and we sat for 45 minutes while the boy read a series of books to me. His favorite seems to be Robert Munsch lately and I'm happy about that because I LOVE his books too. Then every kid who attended was entered into a draw for a free book. What we didn't know, was that every kid there would receive a book. The boy got a joke book that he is in love with. His favorite joke so far:

What did the hamburgers build at the beach?

A bun fire...hahaha.

I got to work today and the receptionist told me I looked great today! She says this everytime I wear a skirt lol. But she followed up this time with 'you are so thin and slender everything looks good on you'! That completely made my day. I better keep working out so I can stay thin and slender...tonight is another scheduled workout night and my legs are still sore from Tuesday...but I'll definitely make sure I workout for at least a 1/2 hour...how else will my body be binkini ready by June???

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So apparently the boyfriend and I have been tossing around the same things in our heads...he picked me up from work today and I don't even know what led up to it (he brought it up)..but he told me he wants to sit down and budget and make sure he/we can afford for him to file for divorce in the very near future. He said he feels ready to 'take on the past'...to me it's just a technicality but I guess for him it's closure...

Well it's Wednesday

So, it's not Monday...but today feels like a venting kind of day.

First off...life vent...

I'm so unhappy lately. I'm not sure if it's PMS (still) or if it's just that I feel as if I'm stuck in a rut. I want more. The boyfriend promises we'll get married soon but alas no ring (or money for a ring) in sight...and even before that he has to file for divorce. Yes he was married before. He's afraid to do this for some reason, and I've let it go. But come on now...it's been TWO years since we met and we've been living together for almost a year now. Part of me wants to keep my mouth shut...because it will mean so much more if he comes home one day and states "I spoke to a lawyer today about my divorce" than it would if I had to nag him into it. I've offered in the past to set him up with a family law lawyer here at work and he shrugs it off. It's very frustrating just biting my tongue and biding my time. But when I'm thinking rationally and not all worked up about it...I think to myself...what's the rush. I'm just so conflicted on how to handle this whole thing....because it's been the beginning of long drawn out arguments in the past. I want to move forward and I want to set goals but it seems impossible if he's not on board. For example we are sort of tossing around the idea of buying a house if/when the house we rent sells. BUT i can't see myself jumping into that with him when he's still legally married to someone else...it just wouldn't make sense.

Work vent...

So today I came into work and my boss T decided he was going to fake sick and cancel some very important meeting he has tomorrow...this is the THIRD time on this particular file he's done this (I am in charge of arranging all the parties and setting the meeting date, time, booking a court reporter and a boardroom)...so I was extremely frustrated and it took everything in me not to tell him to eff off.

Right now I want to go home and SLEEP...block the world out....but I must take the boy to the library at school for "Reading Month" activities.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blog Land

So I'm really new to this whole blogging thing...and before I started this blog I had read maybe 2 or 3 blogs...that's it...since joining blogger I've gotten lost in blog land many times. You know how it happens...you follow one blog, notice a comment someone leaves and click over to their blog, and so on and so on. I've found some that I've just had to go back and start reading from the beginning. It's like getting lost in a really good book (you know the kind that you just can't put down)!

So I spent all day today reading one blog...and the last hour or so reading another. Now it's time to get motivated!!!

Eliptical here I come!


So you may have noticed my cheesy Groundhog Day background...I love it lol. Now it's on to Valentine's Day and I'm very excited about choosing that theme for a background...I know I sound like a 5 year old school girl, right?

But there's something not alot of people know about me...when I tell them they look at me like I have 3 heads. I was raised a Jehovah's Witness...now I will not use this blog to put the religion down so please don't take offence. It's just that *I* feel I was robbed of all the fun things in my childhood...there was no Santa, no Easter Bunny...and all of those special days were 'just another day' in my house. So now I am obsessed with them all...lol. I try to make them a ton of fun for the boy and we decorate LOTS. So getting to decorate my blog too makes me very happy.

Well I'm off to heat leftovers for the boy and I, the boyfriend is at school tonight and it's my plan to workout and clean! Lets see how much motivation I can muster up...in reality I just want to cozy up by the fireplace and read my book.

Monday, February 2, 2009

And here we are again...

Back at Monday...looking back now...last Monday was a much better day. There is just something about Mondays, I have the worst luck on those days.

This morning I got out of bed without too much trouble, though I was still kind of grumpy about the weekend flying by so quickly!!!! We all got ready without incident...got in the car and were headed to daycare right on time...this is where things turn ugly...

I got out of the car with the boy and the boyfriend headed off to work...I realize as soon as I'm inside that I stole the boyfriend's work bag totally by mistake. It was beside my leg and I guess I just assumed that on this day I had an extra bag to carry (which I never ever do so I should have noticed instantly)...so begins my panic because now the boyfriend has no lunch...his sweater is also in this bag (it's often cold in the office where he works)...and I'm thinking he'd probably be annoyed with me because he's not so fond of Mondays either. But I did manage to get ahold of him and he decided he'd just buy lunch...and that it really wasn't the end of the world to go the day without his sweater...Yay...dodged that bullet lol.

Sooooooooo, I leave daycare and run for my bus...now I've been held up at least 5 minutes at the daycare and as it is I usually just make the bus...but when I get to the stop there are about 8 other people there...this is very unusual...on any other day there is maybe 2 or 3 of us waiting...okay so the bus is late...wellllllllllllllll, the bus was not only not late...it was cancelled. Apparently the driver called in sick and they didn't bother to send any others out...that would be okay if this wasn't Winnipeg and the temperature with the windchill this morning was -37 celsius. So after a 1/2 hour outside, frozen legs and toes...I made it to work. The day is going by pretty fast...I'm very grateful for that!!! I want to go home and go back to bed...

Look for my groundhog day post tomorrow (yes I know it's today...but....) in honour of my new background...hehe.