Monday, August 31, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday - 20 Questions

Amber over at AEFilkins is hosting Friend Makin' Mondays. Head on over to her blog to join in the fun.

This week she's being nosy (a girl after my own heart lol) and asking 20 questions...here they are:

1. Do you cook every night?
- I try to...I also try and make balanced meals (ie. meat, veggie, starch)...let me tell you, do I ever look forward to easy dinner night (at least once a week)...which usually involves nachos or pizza...or mac and cheese (the boy's all time favorite).

2. What kind of laundry detergent do you use & why?
- Whatever is on sale. My mom was always loyal to Tide because she has very sensitive skin...for me it doesn't matter as long as it passes my smell test.

3. Do you do laundry every day or loads at a time?
- I do a load almost every day after dinner. Towards the end of the week I tend to slack off and then I have a few loads waiting for me to do on Sunday morning.

4. How often do you eat out per week?
- not much at all. Usually once a week for lunch and once every 2 weeks as a family - of course there is the ocassional date night and that would make it twice in 2 weeks.

5. Where do you usually eat out?
- McDonalds...sometimes Burger King...my preference is Subway.

6. What is your favorite retail store?
- Walmart!!! Or Ricki's for clothes for me (their sizes run big and I can currently squeeze myself into a 4...no way am I shopping anywhere else!)

7. What's your favorite thing to drink?
- Coke

8. Do you take vitamins? What kind?
- I don't...but I'm told I should. Last time I was at the doctor's office my Vitamin B levels were down and they suggested I take some...but I haven't.

9. What percentage of the household chores to you do?
- Oh boy...about 80%. I'm trying to get the boy more involved in chores and would also like the boyfriend to help out a little more so I've been giving him more jobs...granted he does do some cooking and since I HATE doing dishes he'll do them 90% of the time.

10. Do your children do chores? {Or will they, did they, etc}
- Yes - he does chores...but only when asked. I really need to get on the ball and make him up a chore chart with regular chores for him to do on a daily and weekly basis...that way we can institute allowance, which he has been begging for since June.

11. Do you go to church?
- No.

12. Do you have a housework schedule?
- No...I work from room to room when I have the motivation...if I have zero motivation I tidy what visitors see lol.

13. Do you keep a working budget?
- Not really - another thing we need to work on because there are alot of things we should and could be saving for.

14. What do you do at night as a family?
- during the Summer it's pretty relaxed...we'll go for a walk after dinner or sit outside...if the weather is crummy (has been almost all summer) we'll snuggle watching some tv or a movie.

15. How do you prepare yourself for a new week?
- I try to get organized on Sundays...sometimes the best laid don't get followed through on though lol. I do make sure we all have clean clothes and if that's the best I can do that day...then so be it.

16. What do your mornings look like?
- I get up and get the boy up, hop into the shower, get the boy breakfast, make coffee, get the boyfriend out of bed, hop on the computer for a quick check of email and facebook, make lunches, do my hair and little bit of makeup, have a quick cup of coffee I made 1/2 hour earlier...and then head on out the door. All of this in precisely ONE hour lol.

17. What time do you get up in the mornings?
- I am supposed to get up around 6:30...but this morning it was more like 6:47...ahhhh lol.

18. What time do you go to bed at night?
- Usually around 11:00...sometimes a little earlier sometimes a little later.

19. How do you manage all of the paperwork that floods into your household? {bills, school work, magazines, ads, etc}
- Right now I have piles all over my house...I have a shoe box in the computer room that is full...a junk drawer in our bedroom again FULL...all important papers get stuck to our fridge as a reminder to me (school stuff etc)...and currently we are in the midst of adding a bulletin board to the computer room for the stuff that is important but maybe not as important as the fridge stuff (actually I really hope the bulletin board will be big enough so I can stop using my fridge as one lol).

20. How do you keep your household organized? {calendars, charts, etc}
- the simple answer...I don't lol. I have my own little way of organizing...but really like Amber I have a huge accumulation of stuff that needs to be donated or sold in my basement...and it is driving me CRAZY.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our New Additions - Writers Workshop

Mamakat's writers workshop includes the following prompts:

1.) My animals are making me nuts.(inspired by Jody from Take Me As I Am).

2.) List the 5 best things about the first day of school.(inspired by Lane from Sneaky Daddy).

3.) Tell us about your crush.(inspired by Lisa from Just Lisa, No Filler)

4.) How did you break it?(inspired by Brandy from Not Your Average Soccer Mom)

5.) Show us a favorite summer craft.(inspired by Kristin from The Way It Is)

Meet our kitties - Freddy and Homer

So, they aren't such new additions since we've had them since the day after the boy's birthday (so like May 12th)...apparently I forgot to mention them here...that's besides the point. Some of you may remember this post where we decided it would be in our dog Bailey's best interest to go live with my mom since we really didn't have time to give her the love and attention she needed.

Immediately the boy started working on me about cats (notice the plural there...I thought I could get away with one but the boy had other plans)...they are much more independent and don't require walking or picking up poop in the yard...the boyfriend decided it was a great idea too...so we were on the hunt for some cats. I was picky though in that I wanted full grown, fixed cats, preferably males (I find they are more affectionate).

So began our hunt for the perfect pets. We looked online in our area for giveaways...many of the ads turned us off right away...it's all in a name, right? I just couldn't handle having a cat named snookums or love muffin...lol. Eventually we stumbled across an ad for the two cats that we now call ours. Their owners had owned them since kittens but were now moving into an apartment that didn't allow pets so they needed to find Homer and Freddy a new place to live.

They brought them over and immediately Freddy hid in our basement and didn't come out for close to a week. Homer on the other hand was affectionate and friendly right from the get go. He also loved the boyfriend right away...he still follows the boyfriend around to every single room he goes into and tries to curl up in his lap or on his chest...which is driving both the boyfriend and I NUTS...You see my goal of having an affectionate cat was met...but maybe he's a little too affectionate. If we lock him out of our bedroom at night he claws at the door...eventually the boyfriend got smart and started spraying him with water when he did that...seems he's gotten the hint and has taken up residence with the boy at night.

Freddy is a take it or leave it cat...he of course loves to be patted but if you stop he won't claw at you to start again (like Homer does)...he'll just lay down and be content.

Lately they've both taken to bolting for the door as soon as it opens...Homer will then crawl into the tiny opening underneath our outside stairs and he is impossible to get out. So we leave him and he eventually comes out and wonders around and then comes home and meows on our doorstep to be let in. I wanted indoor cats...not outdoor!!! So we are trying and trying and trying to keep them inside...which is near impossible when you have an 8 year old that likes to stand at the door (with the door half open) talking to his friends...

Regardless...they are good cats...I choose to overlook that they won't stay off my tables (something I've never let any other cats i've owned do)...and the fact that they claw at some of our furniture...the boyfriend again tries to get on them with the spray bottle...because they love us and we love them.

Here's a couple of photos...Homer is all gray and Freddy is the striped one.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

City Life v. Small Town Life

So we currently live in a city...not a real large one...but a city nonetheless (Population: 648,000). My mom lives about 8 hours north in a tiny little town (Population: 7,500) and has been there now for two years. She of course would love nothing more than for the boyfriend and I to move up there. You see when I found out I was pregnant with the boy and that sperm donor was a cheating, lying, sack of...well anyway...I moved back in with my mom. Her and the boy had a very close relationship and I know they both miss it at times (she moved out when he was 5 years old). Not to mention my mom likes to have her family close. She actually convinced both my brothers to move up there to be with her. I'm the last one she's working on.

Lately she's working on the boyfriend...they chat over Facebook and he's convinced that we'd have a much better, more financially stable life up there. He is pretty much guaranteed a job up there because of his background in youth care and working with the disabled...there aren't very many experienced workers up there.

Soooooooo, when the boyfriend brought the subject up once again over the weekend I suggested that in a year or two...after his divorce is finalized, perhaps we'd be married by then and ready to have another wee one...that during my year off for maternity leave (which means we'd have guaranteed income on my part) we'd try it...that way if it didn't work out I would at least have a job to come back to...seems like a great suggestion, right? I thought so too!

Well apparently the boyfriend after further thought thinks we should try it sooner rather than later...ummmm, I'm still not really all gung ho on this...you see, I grew up in a small town and hated it...everyone knew everyone's business...it was boring with not many different places to hang out...and I can see the boy just hating it for all the same reasons I did.

My mom now knows that the boyfriend is game...he's lived in this same city all his life and thinks a change would be a great adventure...I told him this morning that he might be moving all on his own...because I'm still not sure it's what I want.

Decisions, decisions...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Curse Words

So the boy has decided he'd try cursing on for size as of late...I guess it's the cool thing to do when you're 8 years old!

Though I'm not really sure the words he's using are even considered curse words these days. As a child I was never allowed to use the word "crap". To my parents it was just as bad as the eff word...but these days it seems common practice. The other one he really likes is "heck"...I know not a curse word at all...but not a nice word either. Lastly there's "crud"...again not even close to a curse word...but when he says "oh crud"...it makes my skin crawl.

Now don't get me wrong...I've got a potty mouth...a really bad one, except when children are present of course...when that's the case I can clean it up real quick...and I've never been one (even as an adult) to curse in front of my elders.

Does it bother me that my boy is growing up and therefore trying on a few more 'adult like' words??? Yeah I guess that's really the only explanation, isn't it?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Am Never Drinking Again

Have you said those words? Usually it's the result of a hangover from...yeah there. Did I ever have one heck of a hangover this morning...I don't usually drink during the week and when I do drink on the weekends...I don't usually drink enough to get drunk...You know, I'll have about 3 beers and get 'happy' and then have a very good night's sleep.

But last night...I have to say I was DRUNK.

You see, my bestie (I've decided I like this term better than BFF) bought a house a couple of months ago...they finally, after months and months of searching, found thier dream home. But it needed a heck of a lot of work. They took out all the flooring and plan to put in hardwoods this weekend, they are getting an entirely new kitchen, all the walls must be painted, alot of the electrical had to be moved, there was some drywalling repairs to do, and so on and so on...

They got the keys on July 23rd and don't have to be out of their house until August 27th...seems like plenty of time, right? Wrong! Even working round the clock and enlisting the help of friends and family...there is no way in heck this house is going to be anywhere near ready by the end of next week...no sirree...not going to happen.

All of that to say...that when my bestie has enlisted the help of others she most certainly makes sure they are happy while they work...she knows I like my beer and therefore has been stocking her fridge...so last night as we were organizing her garage and making room for all the doors in the house (which we later removed and placed in the garage) she was making sure I had a full beer at all times. I do believe I had at least 5 in the 4 hours I was there. Not so bad...I guess...

Except...that the boyfriend also decided to come home with a bottle of rum after work (completely odd because like I said we don't normally drink during the week)...guess he figured if I was going out he'd have his own little party after the boy went to bed lol.

So...he convinced me to have 2 drinks (he made them and he made them strong too!) before I left to go work at the house...and then after my 5 beers...when I got home I decided it would be a grand idea to have not one...but TWO more rum and cokes...

It's not a wonder when I awoke to the sound of the alarm clock this morning I was wishing it was all just a dream and that I could sleep for...oh say...another 4 hours, that's really not too much to ask, is it?

I felt nauseous until about 11:00 this morning when I got ravenously hungry...but I'm all good now...not that I think I could even smell rum or beer at this moment in time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Drama...oh how I love thee

I mean I don't really like drama when it is in my life...but I love to hear about other peoples drama or watch it on TV.

My all time favourite show is Big Brother...and it pains me that it only airs in the summer months...but you better believe I am glued to my TV the 3 nights a week that it airs.

Quick recap about the show for those of you that don't watch or even know what this show is (how that's possible, I'll never know...you must be living under a rock if you've never heard of the show).

Anyways, each summer 12 houseguests enter the house...every week there are different challenges...most important being the HOH (or Head of Household) competition. Whoever wins HOH then nominates 2 of the houseguests for eviction. Those 2 nominees then get to play for the POV (or Power of Veto) in which (if they win) they can take themselves off the 'block' and another houseguest will be nominated. Every Thursday there is a live eviction and the houseguests all vote for who will be evicted.

This season has proven to be one of my favourites! Not because I really like any of the people that are playing this season...but because they've managed to fill the house with a bunch of crazy lunatics (of course that is just my opinion). I mean normally the show has one person that I consider to 'have a few screws loose' or 'are a few cards short of a full deck'...and I've always found it mildy entertaining...but this year...this year, they have found not one crazy...but at least three!

In last night's show one of the houseguests was expelled from the show for breaking the rules of the contract by refusing to wear her microphone and then eventually throwing it into the pool.

It seems this season the majority of houseguests have lost focus on the real reason they are there...hello half a million dollars anyone???...and instead have decided they are there to make lifelong friends...how else could you explain Chima's behaviour last night? I mean really...she's just going to roll over and die? Why not fight for the POV and maybe win and take yourself off the block...no instead she threw a big old temper tantrum...but that's why I love the show...so I ain't complainin'.

So who is your favourite? Who would you like to see win?

if you don't watch...how on earth do you get *your* drama fix???

I'd personally love to see Jordan or Jeff take the money...in my opinion they are destined to have that fairy tale ending...so either or can win it (if it were up to me of course)...and they can go on and live happily ever after...getting it on...making babies...and growing old together...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer...you've left me again...

It sure felt like Fall this morning as we headed out the door...chilly and windy...no say it ain't so...Summer was pretty non-existent and you expect me to go right into Fall???

I didn't get to the beach over the weekend like I hoped I would...it rained and rained and rained...but alas I spent the wet weekend outdoors regardless.

Saturday the boyfriend and I sat in the yard and watched the rain...he barbequed pork tenderloin and I just sat and watched him get wet...offering up my umbrella which he kept refusing lol.

Yesterday we all went fishing...when we first got there it was pouring down rain and although we each had an umbrella (the boy sported a nifty little umbrella hat...lol) we got soaked...I sulked in the car for a bit because the boyfriend got a little irritated that I had no idea how to use a fishing rod...HELLO...CITY girl here...the last time I touched a fishing rod was when I was about 14...alot of years ago...Anyways, by the time I was done sulking the rain had died down quite a bit and I was glad I stuck it out and got to see my boy catch his very first fish ever.

He absolutely loved it and would have sat out there all day...as it was we had sat out for a good 4 hours...and as it was time to go he begged to stay and try and catch just one more fishie. Nope I had to say no because this mama had to pee and was not going "lumberjack style" as my boy calls it (I have no clue where the heck he even came up with that term)!!

If you're on Facebook you've seen these pics...but for those of you that aren't (for some reason they show up tiny here...I think if you click them you'll be able to see them better):

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Writers Workshop - Time Outs

It's Thursday and that means it's time for the Writers Workshop over at Mama Kat's and I totally think you all should join in the fun so head there now and find out how.

The Prompts:

1.) Your trip to the ER...spill it.

2.) "Why are American's obsessed with weight? Why are we always fighting or complaining about what is natural for our bodies?"

3.) Describe one of your 'God Moments'.

4.) List ten things you would say to ten different people in your life...if you had the hutzpah.

5.) Why is your kid in time out?

This week I'm not going to go with number 3...instead I've chosen number 5.

Much to the boy's dismay I will share with you a few of his bratty traits...lol. You see lately...this sweet, cute boy of mine has become a sassy, back talking kid who is 8 going on about 15. He absolutely despises going to his room...yet seems to land himself there at least once a day for his attitude...but at the same time...can I really fault him...he is *my* son afterall...I'm as sassy as they come! lol.

Case in point...the following conversation landed the boy in bed 15 minutes early last night.

Boy: Mom, you forgot to pack underwear for me to change into after swimming today so I had to go all afternoon with no underwear and just my shorts!

***side note, why this is a problem I'll never know...this kid numerous times has decided he wants to go commando...but anyways...***

Me: No, I distinctly remember putting some in your bag along with the shorts and your towel.

Boy: Nope...you definitely did not...I looked and looked and found nothing.

Me: Quit arguing with me. Am I going to have to prove it to you?

Boy: Well, I don't see how you'll prove it...I know there were none there (in his sassy little voice).

Me: (completely annoyed at this point...I go into his daycare bag and alas...) Well you must have been looking with your eyes closed because here they are, right where I said they would be.

Boy: Oh well...I looked and couldn't find them...so I don't know how they got there now (once again sassy sing songing voice...eye roll, etc.)

Me: You know what...you just wasted 10 minutes of my time arguing over something so silly...so for that...you are going to bed right after your shower!!!

Boy: Buuuuuutttttttttt moooooooooooooooooooooom...that is so unfair!

***at this point I walked away and told him he better get in the shower now...or he was in danger of a spanking...I do not handle this attitude thing well...hence the reason he *will* be 15 and still getting spanked.***

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Hotter than Heck!!!

Yay, summer has finally arrived...it's a little late...guess it slept in a little or something (totally cheesy, this I know)!

Anyway, I will not complain about this heat wave...despite the fact that we only have a window box air conditioner in our bedroom...nope still not complaining...is it weird we've spent every waking minute in there since Sunday morning? Well besides work obviously...which by the way has been freezing every day this week...like almost see your breath cold...it kind of sucks when I have to type and my fingers feel numb they are soooo cold...yep that's right, not complaing about that either :)

We've planned a beach day for the upcoming weekend...because I'd love this heat a whole lot more if I could spend it near water...please please please let it be nice and sunny and warm this weekend!!!!

Oh right, I came on here to describe to you my biggest pet peeve of the moment...now I know everyone hates to sweat...it's just gross and nasty (and sometimes stinky)! BUTTTTTTTT, if you are a woman...you most likely know the pain that I am about to describe to you (okay, pain might not be the right word lol)...but you know when you have a set of girls (not literal girls, but you know...THE 'girls') and you are all sweaty every once in awhile...it itches there in THAT crack...I don't know why or how the sweat makes it itch...but it's so dang irritating...not to mention not easy to scratch!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's True What They Say

The little gadget I got myself on my birthday that is called a blackberry...should most definitely be called a 'crackberry'. Now I've never been addicted to crack (or even tried it for that matter) but I can imagine it's something you have to have at all times...as I now find myself doing with my blackberry. If I'm watching tv it's in my hands, when we go to bed at night I always find myself just checking ONE more thing...I take it everywhere with me and if I misplace it I go CRAZY...not that I've actually misplaced it...but there may have been a time when I thought I had and I freaked out...heart racing, sweaty palms...it was horrible!!!!

Just this past weekend I managed to make my addiction a little worse (as if I thought that was even possible lol) by trying out the game on there...called Brickbreaker...OMG so much fun. I managed to make it to level 10 out of 35 last night which was a huge improvement from level 3 lol. Only problem is when you get a "game over" the stupid game doesn't save and you have to start all the way back at level 1...how irritating!!!!

The boy has noticed my addiction...you know it's bad when your child says to you "you know mom, if I can put my DS down for like a half hour to do something else...well you should be able to put your phone down too"...yep it's bad!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Writers Workshop - I Spy With My Little Eye...

It's that time again...Time for Mamakat's writers workshop - this week I'm going with the 3rd prompt...and I think I did last week too...is it a coincidence my favorite number is 3??? Probably not lol.

The Prompts:

1.) What's ailing you? Diagnose yourself with a syndrome.(inspired by Kimberly from Kamp KK)

2.) Share with us something you made by hand.(inspired by Texan Mama via email)

3.) Fess up. Tell us what you found after a spying on someone.(inspired by The Scattered Mind of a Tattooed Mini Van Mom)

4.) "How are y'all doing it? This summer, I mean? I cannot remember ever being as busy as we've been over the past two months. Those of you who are blogging daily, being as witty and entertaining as ever...I beg of you...HOW?"(inspired By Lula from Lulaville)

5.)What are you afraid of?(inspired by Life With Kaishon)

Are you a snoop? Cause I sure am! It's in my blood...I snoop all the time...you may not want me to come babysit at your house because chances are I'll go through your things...haha...j/k...it's not quite that bad...but close.

I spy on the lawyers I work for here at work by reading their email inboxes. Totally legal since I have access to them right on my computer...what's that you say? I'm only supposed to read their e-mails when they are on vacation and they ask me to keep 'an eye on them'...oh really! Well that's just no fun. I haven't found any juicy or interesting gossip...I've learnt a few things about their family through joke emails or personal emails - for example one of the women I work for...her sister just bought a puppy and they are having a hard time naming it...not really interesting stuff...but when I'm bored it helps the day go by!

I snoop in the boyfriend's email too...he was stupid enough to give me his password way back when...so why can't I snoop?

But it has bitten me in the butt a few times...first time being when I found an email (about 5 months into our relationship) between him and an old friend...who also happens to be female...apparently it was all in good fun but it had an underlying tone that made me really uncomfortable...so he has since stopped being so flirty with the other girls in his life...I guess some guys are just flirty by nature...

Since that one incident there's been nothing I need to be afraid of...and really I probably shouldn't snoop and just trust him...and is it even a trust issue? Nah...I honestly think it's just boredom...I haven't been bored lately so I haven't been in his emails lol.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mud Day

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Neither had I...until recently. You see the boy's daycare has every day of the month (both July and August) filled up with different activities for the kids to do while they are on summer vacation...lots of places to go or on other days activities they can do at the centre.

Yesterday...was mud day. What exactly is mud day? Wellllllll, let me tell you...basically they fill kiddie pools up with oodles and oodles of mud and the kids can jump in them, swim in them, and just get downright dirty. I've seen pictures of previous years (ours haven't been put up at daycare yet but I'm sure that's coming soon) and these kids are just covered...but having oh so much fun.

The boy had to shower last night and I actually had to help him scrub his legs because it had dried and caked on lol. It was in his ears, between his toes...and literally dripping from his hair...the staff had hosed the kids off as best they could and they had changed into new clothes...but boy did I have a mess to clean up on him at shower time.

But it was oh so worth the mess...the boy had a blast!!! He said it was so cool and so much fun! Boys will be boys.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

He keeps on Growin'...just stop it already!

Speaking of McDonalds...well I was here anyway...

Very recently the boy has decided that a happy meal just doesn't do it anymore...in fact a happy meal with an extra cheeseburger doesn't even fill him up...I swear this child has hollow legs and is never ever full...

Anyway, the past 2 or 3 times we've gone to McDonalds the boy has asked for a 'grown-up' meal...with (of course) a toy on the side...and I've given in. The child needs to eat till he's full so I don't immediately hear "Mom, I'm hungry" and I do mean immediately...usually about 10 seconds after he's swallowed his last fry that's what I hear!

But I have to say I'm sad...he's not a little boy anymore...he's almost a teenager actually (only 4 more years that I'm sure will fly by)...and what saddens me even more...

The past 2 times McDonalds has forgotten to give us a toy (thankfully I also wasn't charged for it either time)...the boy's response when we get home and realize this "ah, that's okay mama...those toys are kind of babyish anyway"...

Ummmm, excuse me...what did you just say young man??? Babyish toys??? Since when???

It really is bittersweet...

On the one hand I won't have these stupid toys all over my house...you know the ones...the ones they just HAVE to have...yet they only play with them for 3.2 seconds and then they are long forgotten...we have drawers of McDonalds toys...

On the other hand I want him to stay little forever...and I want him to like those 'baby' toys...at least for a few more years...sigh.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Long Weekend Fun!

If you are Canadian...then you know this weekend is a long weekend and hopefully you've had as much relaxation time as we have...

YES, I'd much rather be out camping or at the beach soaking up the sun....but sadly our weather is the pits...it's cold and rainy....no fun at all! But we've managed to keep busy.

Friday night the boy had his little friend sleepover...not much sleeping went on...but they were cute and giggly and I just couldn't seperate them...in the end they seperated themselves and went to bed around 11:30 or so...only to be up the next morning before 6:30 a.m.

Saturday was spent relaxing and bbqing and then we had all the neighbourhood kids over for a fire in the backyard...complete with smores and lots of other yummy 'junk'...potatoe chips a plenty and popcorn too.

Sunday we lazed around most of the day...eventually heading out for some slurpees and a nice walk...thankfully though it seemed gloomy most of the day the rain stayed at bay. Last night the boyfriend and I saw the movie "Taken"...It was good...but I guess I was expecting better since I've heard alot of hype over it.

Today has just been declared family day...we are off in a bit to see the movie "Aliens in the Attic" as per the boys request...and currently the boyfriend is out getting us some McDonalds...the boy will be over the moon when he's surprised with that....despite the fact we just had fast food on Thursday lol....what can I say...I don't like to cook when I"m in relaxation mode...hence the reason we ate out Thursday and then ordered in chinese for Friday...oh and the boyfriend bbqed Saturday...so I've really been let off the hook this weekend!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends...whether it was a nice long one (don't hate me if you don't have today off!) or just a 2 day one!