Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's all Cheers to having lots and lots of fun!!!

Summer is quickly coming to an end...it's been a life changing summer for me...as you all know from my last post. It's been just over two weeks since the ex-boyfriend and I have spoken...and let me tell you it's been a very fun and exciting two weeks...which just reaffirmed for me that I had done the right thing in ending it. As hard as it was...and as hard as it is to be a single mom yet again...it's what is right!

We spent last weekend at my friend's cabin and had a blast. Kids up late...adults up drinking all hours of the night...no worries and no stress...

I'm slowly entering the dating scene again...it's nice to flirt with random guys...haha. Don't get me wrong someday I want to meet the one for me...but right now I'm okay with just having some FUN.

School starts here in just over a week...the boy is less than impressed...I guess by 4th grade school isn't so fun and exciting anymore...I always liked it anyway because it meant new clothes...boys don't seem to care so much about that though...lol.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sometimes the road of love...

Leads to heartbreak...

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks...and when I have posted it feels like I haven't posted anything of any substance. The reason for that is...I have been very unhappy...life in general became very overwhelming and my relationship with the boyfriend has not been going well.

Last week we had a very dramatic argument - in turn he left the house in huff...being a weekday morning I had to leave for work and did just that...he proceeded to tell me that if I didn't leave work and let him back in the house (had forgotten his keys in said huff) he was calling the police on me...for what reason I'm not really sure...did he really think in his irrational mind that they'd go and break the door down and let him in???

Anyway - the police came to my workplace - it was VERY embarrassing and I will not be forgiving the boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend as he will now be referred to) anytime in the near future. He is currently at his mother's and trying everything in his power to win me back...but quite frankly although I didn't talk about it alot here on this blog we've had a very overly emotional relationship right from the start...he knows how to push my buttons and I his...we fight like cats and dogs...more now than ever...do I really want the boy growing up thinking 'home is a tense place'...no I don't...I want home to be a happy, fun place...well as much as it can be anyway.

No I haven't removed his picture from my header...I just haven't had time yet...but that will be happening soon...

Back to single mommyhood I go...it's scary as heck...but I think I can do it...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's taken forever to get these posted...and now I have even more pics I want to share...love summah time!

Bon Jovi Pics!!!

This first one shows you just how huge the outdoor stadium is...concert attendance was 46,000 ppl...crazy eh?

Here's me showing off my new pic camera and of course the Bon Jovi t-shirt...love it...

Oh he's so dreamy....

One of my besties "E"

My other bestie "P"
Again...had to just keep taking pics cause he's so damn fine...

Next up...our day at the Festival yesterday...we had so much fun! We all rode the ferris wheel for the very first time...each and every one us has a fear of heights but we conquered that fear and had a nice enjoyable ride! And I convinced the boy to ride the Tilt-a-Whirl with me...love that ride!!!