Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Writers Workshop - a day in my life

Every week the lovely Mamakat hosts a writers workshop. Hop on over there to find out how you can join in the fun too.

The Prompts:

1.) Who made you red hot this week?

2.) A day in your life...recap.(inspired by Jennifer from Toddler Tirade)

3.) What decision are you having a hard time making?(inspired by Evansmom from Just Sayin')

4.) How will you enjoy your last days of freedom (aka summer)?(inspired by Heather from A Day In The Life)

5.)List your 7 most favorite summer items!(inspired by Summer from Le Musings of Moi

A day in the life of Mel - that's me!

So on an average weekday I don't get my butt into bed until well after 11:00 pm....what can I say, I'm a night owl! Because of this I'm forever waking up later than I should be - pressing the snooze button about 3 or 4 times lol. Eventually the alarm clock says 6:40 (or thereabouts) and I realize I better get moving or we will be extremely late (but somehow I'm never actually late...to my surprise).

I get the boy up and then I jump into the shower. The boy gets himself dressed and meets me in the kitchen where I get him cereal and make coffee. I go back and lay in bed and snuggle with the boyfriend for about 5 minutes and suddenly realize that I'm probably in danger of heading right back into dreamland...so then get up and so does he. He showers we both have a quick cup of coffee while getting ready and are out the door by 7:45.

The boyfriend drops us off at daycare and I take the boy in and make sure he is settled for the day...then I walk up the street to the bus stop where I often meet my friend E...love riding the bus with someone to chat to!

I get to work for 8:29 (see, not late lol)....spend my day typing out letters, documents, setting up meetings, talking to clients, doing bills...oh and of course spending any free moment I have on Blogger and a message board I frequent. Look very forward to our 2, 20 minute coffee breaks and my lunch hour (E and I usually meet up to go for a 45 minute walk).

4:30 - home time - or rather about 4:23 is when I log off so I'm not in danger of missing my bus!

5:00 arrive home - the boy and the boyfriend are always home first...usually they've tidied the house and/or prepped dinner...I come in and take over.

We eat at about 6:00 and after dinner I can finally relax!!!

Relaxing consists of tv watching usually...but on rare evenings when I have a bit of energy we'll go for a walk or perhaps have a fire in the backyard...all weather permitting of course.

8:30 is the boy's bedtime...and we've been trying to get back to reading to him for that quality time...since he's learnt to read I've really gotten away from reading to him (because of course I want him to practice and get better at it) but we're slowly getting back into a routine where the boyfriend or I will read him a chapter of a book we've started (Superfudge by Judy Blume) and then the boy can read his Pokemon book for 1/2 hour before it's lights out...

Like I said I get to bed later than I should...and then it's up to do it all over again!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pray Pray and Pray Some More

If you are a blogger you have no doubt heard of or been to or follow MckMama's blog at My Charming Kids.

Her youngest child, Stellan was diagnosed with heart problems (I don't remember all the technical terms, please forgive me) in the womb...he is now 8 months old...recently I, and likely many other readers of her blog, really thought that Stellan was in the clear...yes I realize not completely...but it seemed the immediate danger was no more...he was SVT free for days in a row.

This last weekend was a rough one and he is now in the hospital once again. Please pray for this little boy who has already been through so much in his young life! Please also pray for his immediate family members...mom, dad, and 3 siblings...they are all going through such a hard time right now.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hair today...gone tomorrow

Yes...I know...you are all dying to see a picture of *my* hair...but alas...the humidity lately is making it not look so nice...think big ball of frizz..and well..by the time you actually get to see a pic it will be longish again and the layers will have started to grow out...

Sooooooooooooo, instead here is the boy...

Before (taken July 5, 2009)

And after (taken July 22, 2009)...sorry it's blurry I was trying out the camera on my blackberry and the lighting in my living room wasn't great.

I've had mixed reviews on his haircut...some love it...some miss his curls. I used to complain about the long shaggy do because he refused to brush it and make it look neat...but I gotta say I miss the curls...and his haircut aged him at least 2 years...sigh.

Monday, July 20, 2009

All good things must come to an end...

And to be honest sometimes I'm glad when those things come to an end!

My birthday was great...but very very busy. Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm a homebody and I do not do well with chaos and having to be on the go all the time.

Friday (my actual birthday) I had a little bit of time to myself in the morning to relax while my mom and the boy ran some errands...then the three of us went for lunch...immediately after that I got my 'hair did'. I decided not to do anything drastic and kept the length (she trimmed it a little) but also had her put in a few more layers. I haven't quite figured out how to style it best but once I do you'll likely see some pics. Oh and the boy got his haircut too...I'll definitely have to share pics of his new 'do' because it is sooooooooo short now! It only took a little bit of bribery (I find pokemon cards work best). Now I'm getting sidetracked...back to my birthday lol...after our hair appts. we had some shopping to do and since we were at the mall and the boyfriend had lost my cell phone about a month ago I went in to find a new one...and in the end gave myself a little birthday present...I got a blackberry!!! And I have to say I love love love it. After that we headed over to my uncle's house for a BBQ and some fabulous cheesecake and a strawberry shortcake. The evening was spent with the boyfriend and another couple (my best friend P and her hubby)...we drank and drank and drank...think $100 worth drank (and that was just me and the boyfriend)...

So as you can imagine the next day I was not in very fine form lol. We had plans to be up early and meet my aunt and grandfather for breakfast (when my mom is in town we see alot of my family!)...and then it was off to a local thrift store...where I scored a really cute jean skirt and about 15 chapter books for the boy...all at 0.25 a piece! woot woot. The rest of the day was a bit more mellow...I did some yardwork with the boyfriend and then we barbequed steak.

Sunday, we had dinner with the boyfriend's mom and I was given another whole cake...this time black forest...what in the world will I do with all of that damn cake in my house??? It's so not helping with my diet and exercise plan!!!!

All in all it was a great birthday weekend...I felt so loved and so spoiled by everyone in my life. Quite honestly I couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm sooooooo sleepy...

I've been such a bad blogger lately...I can't believe I haven't blogged since Monday! What the "H E double hockey sticks"????

Anyway, my birthday is not today...but it almost feels like today. The boyfriend gave me my present last night and my mom gave me another this morning (he got me a screenhouse and she got me a watch)! Oh and btw, thank you all so much for your fabulous birthday wishes...all week long...I felt so special!

Our beach plans are out tomorrow...because it is way too cold. Think 'I can't even walk outside without a jacket' cold..urgh...I HATE it! So instead my mom and I will do lunch, get our hair done and shop...fun fun fun!

On another note...a letter to the boyfriend (honey if you ever decide to read my blog please don't be offended).

Dear the boyfriend,

I hate to have to break this to you because you are in complete and total denial...BUT...you snore and really really really loud too (especially after a drink or two). I was tempted last night to put a pillow over your face after I tossed and turned and listened to you snore for over an hour. I tried everything to make it stop. I tried kicking you to wake you up. When that didn't work I tried to roll you over on your side because they say you are more likely to snore when you are on your back...when none of that worked I left the room in a huff hoping you'd feel my rage as I swung the covers off of me and stomped out of the room. But alas, no such luck. Instead I just had to lay there and listen to it...from now on...be sure *I* fall asleep first...especially if you have been drinking. Thankyouverymuch~


Your very annoyed and sleepy girlfriend.

Enjoy the weekend everyone...it's busy for us so I can't see that I'll have much time to sit down and blog.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to work...

You know...I always say I could never be a stay at home mom...it just isn't in me...I tried when the boy was a baby to stay off the entire year we get here in Canada for Maternity Leave...but alas was back in the office by the time he was 8 months old because staying home was driving me crazy...not to mention I *need* the adult interaction on a daily basis.

All that to say...I could stay home all of the time now and just veg. I don't know that I could entertain a child...but I do know that I would enjoy being home doing whatever my little heart desires. Do you think I can find someone to pay me for watching talk shows all day long??? HA!

I like my job...but I hate that it gets in the way of my "me" time. Perhaps I'm just bitter today because my replacement was less than competent...and now she is on vacation so I can't even ask her any questions about the work she did while I was away. Urgh!

In other news...today marks the official countdown (4 days) to my 29th birthday...when did I get so damn old??? If 29 is this hard, next year 30 is really going to kill me. So it's this Friday...as the day draws closer I freak out a little bit more lol. My mom will be visiting and requested I take the day off to enjoy it at the beach with her...it's supposed to be cold and rainy all this week so I don't know that the beach will be the place for us...but maybe the weatherman is wrong...it's not like he isn't wrong almost every single day, right???

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wacky Weather

So the start of the week it was unbearably hot...we were camping and it was hard to find shade...even then I was sitting in the shade melting...lol.

Yesterday when my friend P and I planned to take the kids to the pool...well the forecast was crummy. Overcast and COLD....but we figured we'd brave it anyway...what's that??? Oh yeah...that's right...we got there and the pool was closed...due to the weather. So we stayed and played at P's. Not a totally wasted day..we all had fun. But today I promised the boy that if the weather improved we'd go to the pool. Again we wake up to sunny skies and what feels like possibly a warmish day...only to find out that the pool is closed yet again...this afternoon it's breezy and although I'm out in the backyard (supervising the boyfriend's tree trimming) wearing a tank top...I have to admit I'm chilly!

The boy is down the street at his friend's house...they've been to the park...he's begging me to set up his slip and slide when he get's home from said friend's house...and I may just do it...if he's brave enough to get wet in this chillyish weather...why not let him. It'll keep them entertained for hours! lol.

Hope you are all having great weekends...and you have warm weather!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hellooooooooooo??? Are you out there???

Where oh where does the time go? I can hardly believe that it's been over a week since I blogged...but I guess that's what happens when you are on vacation!

We spent Canada Day in the country at a friend's house (they have a ton of acreage) and camped out on their property...spending most of the next day out there too...then we were camping for a few days...I think we are all officially camped out until the month of August.

Yesterday and today the boyfriend and I have just been chillin'...I'm getting my house in order for my mother's visit next week...also catching up on the TON of laundry that we've accumulated lately...the boy has chosen to go to daycare for 2 days this week because they are going on all these cool park adventures...I'm glad he enjoys it there so much! It gives me a much needed break after constantly having to entertain while camping...there weren't a whole lot of other kids for him to play with...so that meant all us all the time.

I hope you are all enjoying summer and I promise to be a better blogger...cause I miss you all!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

The boy singing Happy Birthday to Canada...enjoy!