Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wacky Weather

So the start of the week it was unbearably hot...we were camping and it was hard to find shade...even then I was sitting in the shade melting...lol.

Yesterday when my friend P and I planned to take the kids to the pool...well the forecast was crummy. Overcast and COLD....but we figured we'd brave it anyway...what's that??? Oh yeah...that's right...we got there and the pool was closed...due to the weather. So we stayed and played at P's. Not a totally wasted day..we all had fun. But today I promised the boy that if the weather improved we'd go to the pool. Again we wake up to sunny skies and what feels like possibly a warmish day...only to find out that the pool is closed yet again...this afternoon it's breezy and although I'm out in the backyard (supervising the boyfriend's tree trimming) wearing a tank top...I have to admit I'm chilly!

The boy is down the street at his friend's house...they've been to the park...he's begging me to set up his slip and slide when he get's home from said friend's house...and I may just do it...if he's brave enough to get wet in this chillyish weather...why not let him. It'll keep them entertained for hours! lol.

Hope you are all having great weekends...and you have warm weather!


Ter said...

I know! I had to wear a sweater yesterday?!!! Today wasn't too bad mostly because the sun was shining, but now the sun has gone behind the clouds and it's a bit chilly again.

As much as I avoid looking at calendars now, I am still pretty sure it's July!

Yaya said...

Slip and slide!

Jen said...

We're finally having weather that's a little warmer, but even that's only 84. Supposed to be 90 on Wednesday - that's a pool day for sure! I tagged you, come by to play :)

That Girl said...

it hasnt been warm here either....80 isnt warm to me. I like the
90's. Its supposed to be in the
40's tonight!! IT'S JULY!