Monday, May 3, 2010

The Month of May

It's been so long since I've blogged...that seems to be the way I start every post lately, isn't it?

I miss you all so much and hope to get back to regular blogging and reading all of your blogs very soon. Work has been busy...home has been busy...when something has got to give (unfortunately) it's usually blogging. But I miss reading all about you and your families!

We are in the beginning of a new month...a very special month for me. The boy was born this month and will have his 9th birthday in just 8 short days...where does the time go?!?!

The very next day (May 12th) will mark 3 years since the day I met the boyfriend...3 years...in some senses it feels like we've been 'an old married couple' for years and in other senses it's like we are in our first few months of dating. I love that he still gives me butterflies...and that we make each other laugh...we both laughed so hard the other night...he really is my very best friend!

The start of this month also means the start of the boy's baseball season...unfortunately after having summer like temps since mid-March we are back to cold and rain...and maybe even snow...NOOOOOOOOOOO say it ain't so...needless to say his very first baseball game scheduled for tonight will likely be cancelled...such is life...


natalee said...

time flies doesn't it..... I love that u still have butterflies... i feel the same way about my hubby 10 years later/.....hugs my friend

Staci said...

welcome back! Life does get busy doesn't it?!? I have been forcing myself to sit down and blog because I really am glad when I do! Hope baseball is NOT cancelled and that the warm weather returns! We are in the low 80's and I am LOVING it!

Together We Save said...

Oh that is sweet... time passes quickly!! Glad to see you are back!!

Jen said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, and happy birthday to the boy! And so sweet you still get butterflies :) We're in the 'old married stage', but 4 kids will do that to you lol! Weather here today is 59 and WINDY so my vision of sitting on my deck reading this afternoon has been blown away :) Oh well. Enjoy your day Mel!