Friday, January 22, 2010

Bzzzzzzzzzzzy Busy Busy!

Here I sit all by myself...the boy just crawled into bed and the boyfriend is working his first overnight. I'm taking this evening to reflect on all the chaotic craziness that has been my life the past month or so!

It's been quite overwhelming...what with the boyfriend's job loss 5 days after Christmas...then the chaos of him job hunting...but thankfully the lord has provided for us and we are going to make it because the boyfriend was only out of work for 2 weeks. It's funny though how life can change in the blink of an eye and be full of worry and stress...isn't it? But I just kept on reminding myself that we will get through this...and you know what we are better off for it. The boyfriend loves his new job and there isn't the stress of witnessing clients being abused as was taking place at his last place of employment (the boyfriend does respite work for mentally challenged individuals)...and as a bonus he's even making more money at this new job...I've been finding myself realizing that God really does work in mysterious ways!

My mom was just here for a week long visit...at times I feel we are very close and then others we seem far away...it's odd really. She values her time with the boy and 'stole' him from me overnight every night this week so he could stay at the fancy hotel with her. I definitely enjoyed the time 'off' and being able to reconnect with the boyfriend..but sometimes I miss that she used to want to spend all her free time with me...guess the boy is just more fun these days! lol. We did get an evening together when we 'accidentally' (read ignored the signs) snuck into the mineral pool at the hotel...apparently it's for spa customers only...as hotel guests we could use the pool and water slide but NOT the mineral spa...haha!

Work has been insane and the weekends even crazier...last weekend I had my extended family over and cooked a turkey...this weekend we have shopping, birthday party (Attending not hosting lol) and lots of cleaning...so boy am I enjoying this quiet time while I can.


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I totally understand feeling close to then far from your mom. I have the same relationship with my mom at times. It can be confusing.

I'm so happy that God has been working miracles in your life!

Yaya said...

How come your mom doesn't stay with you?

~~Mel~~ said...

She was here on business so work pays for the hotel!

Tesa said...

Yay, I'm glad your boyfriend likes the new job and that it pays well. That's wonderful! And how nice for your mom to give you a break and to have time to enjoy her grandchild. I remember when my kids were younger I used to get a little jealous of my parents running right to them when they saw them and barely acknowledging me. It's worn off a little as I enjoy seeing them all together and generally means a bit of a break for me.

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

That's great that he found a new and better job that he actually likes! God sure does work in mysterious ways. That's how I always know he really is there, because it happens quite often. It's nice that you all got to spend time with your mom too! I wish my mom and I were close. I left you something on my blog :)


Staci said...

It is so nice to take those times and enjoy the quiet and peacefulness.... Life seems to always be hectic anymore!!! I am hoping for a fun QUIET day at home with my babes tomorrow!

I am glad you had a good visit with your mom and that the BF was able to get a better and more enjoyab;le job!! Things always seem to work out!!!!

Together We Save said...

I know what you mean about your mom. once I had my girls, my parents kinda ingored me. I know they did not realize it, they were just so wrapped up with the new baby. It got better I just had to talk to them about it.

Wow - the hotel sounds nice, I bet that was fun. I am sure your son enjoyed his time with grandma.

Yaya said...

Hope things are settling down for you!!