Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hard...But Very Rewarding...and Other Random Happenings

The boyfriend and I quit smoking 2 weeks ago today...though there have been a couple of slip ups on both our parts I feel overall we are doing fantastic. Most days I don't even have the craving anymore if I just don't think about it. My biggest downfall by far is being around other smokers. It doesn't happen often since the only one I really know that smokes is the boyfriend's mom and she's already agreed that when she comes for Easter dinner on the weekend she'll smoke outside.

In other news, my mom and nephew came for a visit this past weekend. We had a great time and it was nice to have another little one hanging around. The boyfriend was adamant that we just had to keep my nephew cause he was sooooooooooo cute...okay, I get it...he's not a puppy though lol.

I will share some pics of the cutie cousins playing together tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.

We've had some great weather the past few days and it's starting to feel like Summer already. The boy will be playing baseball for the first time through our community club beginning in just a few weeks, though he plays everyday at daycare when the weather is nice so it's not something totally new...and he's quite good at it...the warmer temps have gotten the boyfriend excited about finding a glove of his own and practising with the boy...so we'll be on the hunt this weekend for some adult size baseball gloves.

I haven't even started thinking about Easter nevermind shopping for it...so I better get on that!

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~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Glad to hear you quit smoking! I keep trying and fail. I'll go a few days, then right back at it.

Isn't the weather great! I am so loving it! I need to get on Easter shopping too! I have some done, but not all.