Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

I hope everyone had a great one!

The boy made me the cutest little flower petal card that says the following:

I love you because:

You are nice to me

You play games with me

You always keep your promises

You give me food to eat

Isn't he the cutest?!?! I sure think so!

He also made me breakfast in bed...and without the boyfriend around to help (sadly he had to work all day)...best toaster pancakes and milk I've ever tasted.

Now if you'll excuse me...I must finish frosting 26 cupcakes...and then I must get to wrapping a certain boy's birthday presents since the big day is TOMORROW...how do I have a 9 year old??? That time just flew on by...all 9 years of it...


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

"You give me food" . . . priceless! :) How very sweet! And, I'm with you, I have no idea where the time goes!!

Together We Save said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day!!

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Aw, what a super sweet boy you have! Gotta love the "You give me food to eat" haha. Like you're supposed to make the poor kid starve, right!? Time sure does fly, they grow WAY too fast! Happy Birthday!

Lisa Anne said...

Very cute! I love when the gifts are homemade, they are the best! I had a great Mothers Day. Thanks!!

LazyCrazyMama said...

How sweet is that! CUTE!!

epstein bar said...

You could just get a picture frame and put a picture of you two in it and give her a card that says remember this? i do .. i love you blah blah what ever you need to say..

epstein bar said...

Something more heart felt you could make her cleaning coupons or dinner coupons where you will cook dinner/clean one day or do something extra nice with her..