Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Extreme Makeover - Me Edition Week 3

Hop on over to Amber's blog to find out how to play along.

So I didn't participate last week by posting...because honestly I didn't feel I had anything to share. I've been in an exercise slump. I was doing so well for close to a month and then boom...my life got busy and I haven't made the time to exercise. The girls and I have still been doing the stairs here at work every afternoon...down 16 flights and then up 9 (which is 2 more up than we were doing previously)...so I guess that is something and I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

In the eating department...I'm still not counting calories...but I have really reduced my fat/junk intake...we splurged on a George Foreman grill and tried it out for the first time last night with burgers...and let me tell you, this thing is awesome!!! I know it doesn't totally eliminate the fat but it sure does take alot of it out. When I emptied the little drip tray after only cooking 2 burgers I was amazed at how much fat it took out of them...and don't worry about them not being juicy or not having enough flavour (I had heard that about burgers on this type of grill)...because the boyfriend and I loved them.

I haven't had a chip or any chocolate in god knows how long...I even resisted when we were at the movies the other day and the boy had a kit kat and offered me a piece...

This weekend is Easter and there will be chocolate galore at my house. I'm also cooking dinner for my family that will be in town and have invited some other extended family as well. So I'll probably have a not so good weekend in the eating department...but I guess we all need those days/weekends every once in awhile.

Amber's question this week is:

How are you keeping track of your achievements. How do you reward yourself when you acheive a goal?

Honestly, I can't keep track of my acheivements by using a scale...I cannot weigh myself without getting frustrated and obsessive...we don't own a scale for that reason. I feel good and my clothes are starting to fit a little nicer so that's how I measure success. I haven't rewarded myself as of yet because I just don't feel like I've got it all together. Maybe next week (after all the Easter festivities) will be the week that I have both exercise and eating on track!

People often ask me why I workout and watch what I eat because to them I have the ideal body shape and type...I'm tall and relatively slim...but for me it's also about keeping that mobility. Do I want to be 55 and not able to bend down because my knees will crack and be stiff? Absolutely not!!! I've always had bad knees and figured it would just continue to get worse with age...but since I've started doing the stairs daily, they have not bothered me even once. No pain...who can complain about that???


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Well that sounds great to me! That is a lot of stair-climbin' girl! And no chips or chocolate? How do you do it? That takes willpower :) Keep up the great work!

That Girl said...

great job!

jenjen said...

Good job with the stairs! That is probably a good workout all by themselves.

I am with you on trying to get things toned. I'm glad you are with the group. It's nice to have a support system as we all try to get healthier!

have a great week!


Melissa said...

Well that's great! Good job with the stairs! Every little bit of motivation helps.

Tanielle said...

Great job! Love the stair idea!

have a great day!


Xazmin said...

Great job resisting the Kit Kat...that would be sooo hard for me!!


onegirliegirl said...

Good for you with the stairs!!! Chocolate is my weakness, so I can't even relate :)

Have a great week!

Connie Weiss said...

This whole Easter situation has been really had for me. I have purchased several bags of candy and they keep disappearing.

I will be glad when the temptation is over!

Have a great week!

Melissa said...

I think you're doing awesome! So sweet for the boy to offer you a piece of his candy! And I think it's great that you're measuring your success by the way your clothes fit and how you feel. Much better than obsessing over a number which can fluctuate from day to day. Keep it up!

Amber said...

You seriously rock with those stairs everyday! I should do that here at my house, lol.

I agree on the mobility. I want to be comfortable and not be all creaky and bent over stiff every time I get up to walk, lol. I have a bad back {arch} so it gets very stiff.

Keep up the good work girl!

Staci said...

you go girl! I am proud of you! I need to resist the junk. That is my downfall. I eat CRAP! I will have to dust off my george foreman and give it a whirl! Keep up the great work! Hope the weekend goes well!

Yaya said...

Wow you're doing good!

Anonymous said...

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