Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Have Missed Blogging!

But more importantly I've missed reading all of your blogs...I am so behind in reading...hopefully today I'll be able to get to all of your blogs to read what you have been up to and how Easter was for all of you.

The weekend went well...not all good, but not totally bad either. One thing I will say is that my house is WAY too small to have 7 people in at all times...neither of my brothers went anywhere the whole 4 days they were staying with us. My mom and I did get to escape for a little girl time here and there...but for the most part we were all on top of each other (okay not literally) and it started to drive us all a little crazy.

My mom took our dog Bailey home with her when they left Sunday. It was something we had been discussing for quite some time...you see she purchased the dog about 3 years ago when she was living with the boy and I...but when she moved out 2 years ago she left the dog with us...there was no option for her to take Bailey because she lived in an apartment that didn't allow pets. Lately I've noticed that we are just too busy to properly care for a dog at this point in our lives. We are away from home for approximately 10 hours 5 days a week and then the weekends are busy too. There is less and less time to walk the dog and the boy really hasn't been paying alot of attention to her. It was a tough decision...but one I'm glad we made. I miss her...we all miss her presence...but I think a cat is more our speed right now...I've always been a cat person. They are so much more independent...yet will still want to cuddle sometimes.

The boy was spoiled rotten all weekend long...my mom just loves to spoil him...and we had Easter so of course there is chocolate galore in my house. I finally indulged in a cream egg last night...YUM. Reeses are my big downfall...I feel fat and bloated...so no more junk for me!!!


Cheryl said...

Glad you had a good Easter!

That Girl said...

I just got done eating a cadbury caramel eggs. yummo! Oh this was about you wasnt it? lol

glad everyone made it out alive and you got in some family time!

Staci said...

we missed you!

It sounds like everything went well! I am glad!!! Cadbury eggs... YUMMY!

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

I am SO behind in reading too, don't you hate that feeling!? :(

Carole said...

Happy Easter Mel!!!! Im super mad at you, I want a Cadbury Egg BAD now..LOL


Melissa said...

I'm glad to hear that everything went relatively well and you're still standing! I wish someone would come visit and take my dogs home with them, lucky you! I do love them, but I am more of a cat person and agreed to the 'puppies' because they were so cute and the kids loved them. What can I say, I'm a sucker for cute things lol.

Jenna said...

Sounds like you had fun! I agree with the dog decision...if my husband would let me find homes for our dogs, I would do it. We NEVER have any time for them!

Barb said...

oh man I am also so far behind in reading blogs ... also trying to catch up...
sounds like your Easter was pretty good...even with your brothers indulging too much....
thats great that your mom could take the dog and most likely able to give it more attention.... and you can still always see it when you visit her

Anonymous said...

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