Tuesday, October 20, 2009

School Days

Oh how my boy has changed in the FOUR years he's been in school...time sure flies, doesn't it?

I thought it might be fun to share with you the pictures he's produced on picture day through the years...seeing as we just got back his 3rd grade pictures...which I agonized for about 2 days over whether we'd keep them or not...my boy just isn't a smiley kid when it comes to these professional portraits...drives me batty. He says he was nervous and I can tell he's getting shy as the years progress (well with strangers anyway).

Kindergarten - 2006

This is where I should have a 1st grade picture...but sadly they sit in a box in my basement...the boy wouldn't let me hand them out because he didn't like them. I think they looked good but agreed to allow him to get retakes since he hated them so much...in the end he was sick on retake day and so I kept them...they will surface someday and I promise to share it here when that happens.

So on to 2nd grade - 2008

And lastly - 3rd grade - taken just over a week ago.


Lisa Anne said...

Love the pokemon shirt. He's turning into a sophisticated young man isn't he. I cna't wait to see my sons 4th grade photo.

onegirliegirl said...

School pics are always the hardest. Remember how they make you sit and about 1 second later they snap your picture. Uh, thanks for the warning. Plus everyone is watching and waithing. Oh, the pressure.

He's just adorable though...even after all they make him go through!!

xoxo ~Lisa

Jennifer said...

How cute :)
I hated school pictures - we got a black comb on picture day - right before the picture, so of course I would comb my already fixed hair and my mom would get the pictures and ask me what in the crap happened to my hair...
Luckily at our school's they don't do the comb thing anymore;)

That Girl said...

lol Jennifer...I remember getting a comb too.
I already said I liked his pic but now that I see it compared to 2nd grade he looks shorter. lol Odd! He's still a cutie though!!

2 Toddlers and Me said...

He's adorable. My daughter was so excited for picture day recently - her first one. After she came home I asked her how it went and you could tell she was really disappointed, it was nothing like she expected. I don't know that picture day is ever that much fun for anyone, you just cross your fingers and hope for a good picture.

LazyCrazyMama said...

Oh my, you can totally see the sophistication in him!! :) He is just handsome! :)

Schmoochiepoo said...

I LOVE this years picture! Fabulous pose..what a cutie-pie :)

I just shelled out $45.00 on Joshua's and he looks like he should be riding the short bus in them :P

Melissa said...

Awww, how adorable!!! And wait until he gets into the middle school "awkward" phase... ;-)

Staci said...

How cute is he?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

How stinking cute!!!!