Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Letter

Dear Co-Worker,

I understand that you are completely stressed out with your job...contrary to popular belief I am a very sympathetic person!! BUT please do not beg me to 'help' you with your work...which I have come to learn really means 'do all your work for you'...when you are going to turn around and spend all your 'now free' time complaining (to mostly me...but also anyone that walks by and decides to make eye contact with you) about how stressful your job is!!! Not to mention all the time you spend on the phone with family and friends...I don't judge...I know I get personal calls from time to time...but the difference is I can still manage to get your work done...AND mine too! How is it that I work for 3 lawyers and you work for 1...okay I know he's a workaholic...but come on...stay off the phone and maybe you won't hate your job so much...please...pretty please.


Yaya said...

This will make ya feel better:
I nanny full time for 4 kids doing all the laundry, lines, dishes, errands, clean up and dinners for a family of 6 while the mother is a "stay at home mom" whose life revolves around going to the spa and the gym and she has the nerve to complain on a regular basis about how hard her life is.......................

~~Mel~~ said...

A SAHM with a nanny?? Ummm what??

I'm sorry Yaya...if I were you I might just have to deck her one...and I'm really not a violent person! lol.

Mel @ ShimmerMeBlue said...

Well, I was gonna try to make you feel better, but I guess she already did lol.
Anyway, I would just tell her you can't help anymore. Maybe the bosses will realize she can't keep up, fire her and promo you :)

Schmoochiepoo said...

tell her to stuff it. i have one like her at work too. i have hidden in the bathroom to avoid her :)

i hope you are staying high and dry in good ole winterpeg. i hear the red river is flooding. i was there when it flooded in 1979. it sucked.

That Girl said...

tsk, tsk on the gossip.

Yaya, OMG yeah I would be sooo bitter at that woman. SAHM, yeah, ok.

~~Mel~~ said...

Smooch - yep we're staying dry...but we have a ton of snow...I'll post pics right away...it's crazy! When it melts next week we will be in big trouble. ugh.

Amber said...

I am so sorry that you have SNOW still!!

And oh.my.gosh. I cannot believe that co-worker. That would be SO annoying!! AND, oh.my.gosh about the SAHM mom with a FULL TIME nanny that does everything for her!! Does she not have better causes in the world to do with all that extra money???

Oy, okay. I'm over it. {{{Breeathe}}