Thursday, January 29, 2009

How did that happen?

How is it that I have not blogged since Monday??? I guess because nothing exciting is going on in life these days...the boyfriend and I are getting along, the boy is staying out of trouble, all my friends at work are in a warmer climate, my mom left for her cruise yesterday...yep life is boring if you are ME!!!

The boyfriend and I are spending our evenings watching
weeds (I find it hilarious...you should all check it out) since we are stuck inside all the dang time anyway...the weather better warm up soon!!!

Tomorrow night is date night again...it's very rare that we have 2 Friday nights without the boy in a row...you see I'm too cheap to pay a babysitter so I just rely on those times when he'll have a sleepover at a friend's house or go to my grandfather's for the night. They have their 'mans' nights about once a month...these consist of McDonald's for dinner then to grandpa's for movies and late night snacking and the next morning...Burger King for breakfast. You can see why the boy very much looks forward to these nights lol. They started before I met the boyfriend so that the boy was sure to have some 'male bonding' time and have continued even after, which I'm grateful for because that means the boyfriend and I get at least one guaranteed date night per month.

We haven't decided what we are doing for our date night...I suggested maybe kareoke but the boyfriend seems to be leaning more towards yet another movie...perhaps a funny one this time since he gave in and let me see my scary one last week. I still think I can talk him into something different...lol. Can you tell I'm a girl who likes to have her way???

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That Girl said...

I wanna go stay with your grandpa too!!