Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You will be pleased to know...

That when the boyfriend came to pick me up yesterday he was in a much better mood than the day before and we made it home without incident lol.

The boy (not to be confused with the boyfriend) was in a mood though...he must have decided sometime recently that SEVEN really does in fact mean THIRTEEN...because he is most definitely acting like a teenager trapped in a little boy's body. Yesterday I apparently committed a crime...you see I went to the store and lo and behold I did not buy chips...heaven forbid...you see since early January I've been on a health kick (exercise and eat better) and haven't had chips in the house at all...so why he thought yesterday would have been different, well that's beyond me.

He is my pride and joy that boy...but he sure does know how to push my buttons...I guess I should add chips to the grocery list.

The boy has discovered a love for singing and will be performing at a local church next month...it makes me so happy that he's found a passion...you see he's not much into sports and has only expressed a mild interest in taking something like Taekwondo. For me it was dance when I was a child...for him it's music and singing.

I'm busy with work and reading the Caylee Anthony case 'document dump'...but I promise to blog more tomorrow.


That Girl said...

work schmork.
You dont have to tell me about Riley's attitude. I believe him and Madison are on the same page. Seven is rough!

Staci said...

chips... now your making me hungry! We have not had any chips either (we too are trying to be healthier, but I for one HATE it and miss my "crap food" as my husband calls it! Glad it was a better day with you boyfriend! :)