Monday, January 26, 2009

I crack myself up...

I am sitting here at work...I work for 3 lawyers as their assistant...which translates basically to 'their bitch' lol. But honestly I LOVE it and have been doing it for almost 5 years now...the guy I work for is a little on the moody side, but he's generally pleasant. The other two are women...one of which is about 24 years old and still in party mode, I can't see her lasting in the legal world very long...but for now she's here.

Anyways, the reason I'm cracking up today is that today is the 26th day of January...it took me 26 days (okay not counting the weekends it would be much less) to realize that I have been date stamping all the incoming mail with '2008'. I'm not the most observant person ever...lmao.

This morning it was sooooooo hard to get out of bed...the -40 temperatures are just too much!!! I want warmth and sunshine.

The boy got on my nerves this morning...he does this thing where he hangs his head in shame if someone even looks at him the wrong way. This morning it was over his glasses which he bent and twisted late last week...I tried to 'fix' them as best I could (I need about a month before we can afford to replace them...living paycheque to paycheque is just grand!) but apparently the one lense is still loose and knowing the boy he'll have lost it before the day is out. So he was annoyed...I was annoyed and I said to him "please when we get your new glasses be careful with them'...to which he then did the whole 'hanging his head' thing. He's grounded from tv for a half hour after school for this whole charade...I feel guilt...but you must understand this whole dramatic attitude he has has gone on far too long. My mom spoke to him about the 'head hanging' last time she was visiting and I really thought he understood how extremely annoying it was and wouldn't dare do it again...but alas...it just never ends.

Mondays are always a slow, irritating start...but this one is especially worse since I'm almost certain I'm PMSing...oh joy...

Hey I started this post out laughing at myself and now I've managed to get myself all depressed...how did that happen?? lol.


That Girl said...

lol, goof-ball!
Dont feel guilt over the grounding. I am way harsher so its my job to feel the guilt.

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

2008, ha--atleast you caught it now. -40 WOW! I couldn't handle that at all!