Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday to my boy!


Here is a little slideshow I made for him back in 2005...I think it's time I did another, eh? But I figured it best to show you all this as opposed to trying to dig out some pictures to post...for this the day I gave birth to the best little boy on Earth! It's funny how even 8 years later I sit and reminisce about my pregnancy and (yes even) labour! lol.

The boy's party was a blast on Saturday....but unfortunately there will be no pics posted because my batteries in my camera were dead, dead, dead! I don't like to lay blame...BUT I'm going to blame it on the boy...he likes to unplug things at home so his DS can be plugged in and charged....WELLLLLLLLLLL, at some point he must have unplugged the charger for the rechargable batteries that go in my camera...urgh...such is life though...I got over the frustration of having no pics or video of the special day!

One thing I learnt...8 year old boys are not into party games...I had planned about 5 and I believe we played 3 of the 5...and then we did the limbo instead of Simon Says because apparently "simon says is a boring game"...yep I had more than one child tell me that.

I hope all of you mothers out there had a great Mothers Day! As I'm sure you can tell I'm behind on my blog reading...so I'm posting to most of your Friday posts today lol. I hope to catch up soon...

Happy Monday!


Yaya said...

'simon says is a boring game' lol!!!! My how times change! :)

Happy Birthday to your baby!

Jenna said...

Very sweet photos! I watched the whole thing and it almost brought me to tears thinking about how wonderful it is to have a son! I'll try re-posting my video as well. As for Canada, I spent almost a week in Ontario, visiting Toronto for a few days and Niagara Falls for a few as well. I've also been to Windsor (just for a day) and Vancouver (again, one day), which was the most beautiful place I've ever been!

Staci said...

Those pictures are too cute! He was an adorable baby! I love the picture with all the hats on and the one where he is sleeping with the juice cup in one hand and snack cup by the other... lol! Thanks for sharing!!

Happy 8th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

That Girl said...

such a big boy now!
lol at simon says. kids!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to the boy!!! Awww! Love the slide show! I am going to have to make one too. It seems like the camera battery is always dead when you really want some pictures! But you always have the memories. I'm glad he had a fun party!

Impulsive Addict said...

Did you play Red Rover? That's a timeless classic, right?