Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Extreme Makeover - Me Edition - Week 9

So how did Wednesday come upon us so quickly???

Wednesday here at my blog (and quite a few others) means it's time to update our progress in the exercise/eating department...if you want to join us in this journey than go over to Amber's blog at aefilkins and find out how.

This past week was once again a big BUST in the exercise department...I'm still on antibiotics and still not feeling 100%. I really didn't think bronchitis would have me knocked out for well over 2 weeks....but it has...I guess it's partially my fault because I haven't exactly been 'resting' like I should be. Our weather has been cold, damp and rainy so I haven't been walking at lunch time as much as I'd like to...and I just didn't have the energy to do stairs last week either.

The good news is...all the walking we did on our road trip (power shopping) translated to approximately 32 miles covered by foot - yes that IS alot of shopping...I calculated about 16 hours of shopping in 2.5 days...can you say WOW??? lol. That's got to be good exercise, right???

In the eating department I didn't totally blow it...even though over the weekend I wasn't as health conscious as I should have been....I managed not to go too overboard in the 'junk' department. But it's that time of the month..and for the past 2 days I have been stuffing my face with chips...something I had given up for close to a month.

But I'm back on my diet starting NOW...and I hope to exercise tonight, after American Idol of course!!! We no longer have a tv in the basement and that is definitely taking away from my elliptical time...perhaps I should steal it back from the boy.

This week Amber is asking:

Name your guilty pleasure. Think of a healthier choice you could use as a substitute.

My guilty pleasure is most definitely chips! Or anything salty for that matter...crackers, peanuts...

When I'm in diet mode I cut out carbs as much as I can and snack alot on meat and cheese...it seems to do the trick for a few weeks...but then someone puts a bowl/bag of chips in front of me and I just can't stop till they are all gone.

I don't have a sweet tooth...though a chocolate bar every now and again is definitely yummy.

So how did you do this week??? I hope to do much better next week


Yaya said...

Oh gosh, yes I'm a totally tostitos fan!

Hope you're feeling better. Get some rest!

That Girl said...

I had a bag of chips yesterday at the hospital and they were so yummy and salty....normally Im not a chips girl. I like the cake and cookie kinda stuff.

good job!!

Together We Save said...

I have finally posted the award you gave me on my blog. Thanks so much. :-)

onegirliegirl said...

Glad you had such a good time!! I hope you feel better soon!

I'm with you...I have to cut the carbs big time when I'm in diet mode. They go straight to my midsection {which is already quite the site after 4 kids}!!

xoxo ~Lisa

Selectively Bitchy said...

Ahh, thank goodness I'm not the only one here trying to get back into diet mode! Cutting the carbs definitely helps! That is, when your body goes into withdrawal mode and you'll eat anything that's got sugar or starch in it!

Amber said...

That IS a lot of walking & shopping!

And you're lucky you're not a sweets typa girl. I LOVE sweets. Anyways, keep up the good work. You'll do better this week!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Yep, I like chips too (and sweets, and all things bad!)

Wish I could've been there shopping right alongside ya! :)

Hope you're feeling better, it won't be long before you're sweatin' to the oldies again ;)