Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Street Hockey

Just the other day the boyfriend made a comment about how "in his day, kids never stayed indoors...especially when the weather was nice"...he mentioned that he and the neighbourhood kids were big into street hockey.

Well last night...my boy shocked me...he called on the neighbour kid (a year older) and within 5 minutes they were out on the road playing street hockey! Initially, I was freaked out...you see...the boy has never been allowed to cross the road without holding my hand...yes I do realize he is almost 8 years old and at some point I've got to allow him a little bit of independence...BUT until he asks (okay begs) for it...I intend to hold his hand while crossing the road.

I wanted to yell out to him to get off the road...but then realized that would likely have embarrased him...so instead I watched and asked the boyfriend if he thought it was okay. We live on a fairly busy street...but it's mostly local traffic...the kids were using another kid's shoes to mark out their goal 'nets' (the kid is older and volunteered his old shoes to them) so when a car came there was no moving nets...they simply allowed the cars to drive over the sneakers.

The boyfriend and I got a good chuckle out of all of this...next time I'll be sure to get some pics or video...because I'm sure the way I've described it just doesn't do it justice!


Jenna said...

I'm glad the weather is getting nice for you guys. Sounds like so much fun, playing hockey. It's starting to get to the point where everyone wants to be indoors in Florida. It's already 90 degrees daily. :(

onegirliegirl said...

Um, yeah...I still make my uh, yeah, um, well...almost 13 year old, hold my hand when we're walking somewhere busy!!! So don't let go of that insatiable need to be "mommy" at all times :)

What a laugh riot to watch cars drive over your sons friends sneakers.

Rosemarie said...

That was so cool! I would just sit and watch, too, keeping an eye out for cars.

I agree with you BF - I remember being out all day long as a kid - but we don't live in those times anymore. It's sad.

That Girl said...

brave girl. Im one of those helicopter moms who just hover. lol I have started to loosen up a bit but its hard!!

Carole said...

omg i so would not have been Ok with that. You did the right thing though. So your baby is getting older too? UGH lol

Staci said...

FUN!!! In my neighborhood I am amazed that so few kids are outside! We have new neighbors and their kids are about my kids age and they are NEVER outside!!

Yaya said...

It is sad that random playing like this doesn't happen as often today as it did when we were kids. Kids are too 'scheduled' now to have time to play.

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

That sounds like fun! My boys play football in the road with my teenage brothers who live nextdoor. I know it sounds bad, but we live on a side street that doesn't get much traffic, and my brothers are old enough to look out.

Thanks for the comment about my pictures! I wish I had a better camera even, because I am a picture fanatic lol.

Melissa said...

That is too funny! Aiden wants to spend all of his time outside right now~ but that's probably because he's still little for video games right now! I bet your boy had a great time playing hockey! Can't wait to see the pics/video of the next match!