Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I don't have any pictures to share from our girlie roadtrip just yet...but I promise there will be lots when they all make their way to my computer!

Can I just say we had THE most fabulous time ever. 3 girls is just perfect ~ we had lots of room in the car to bring back our power shopping purchases ~ there were only 2 other girls to round up when I decided we'd spent enough time in one store and it was time to move on to the next...I think if it weren't for me we'd still be in JCPenney, having no time to see all the other stores we wanted to.

Things I learnt:

- My friend E gets very cranky if you don't feed her regularly lol.

- other friend P is a go, go, go kind of girl...even after 8 hours of shopping she wanted to do more...me and E just couldn't...sore feet make me a little cranky!

- if I were American I'd be an alcoholic...the price of booze in comparison to here...well lets just say draft beer at the bar for $2...it's double that here...in fact everything is almost double the price up here in Canada!

- after 6 hours away from "my boys" I missed them terribly.

- if they open up a Target up here I will be broke all the time.

Now I better get to reading...I have some serious catching up to do.


Mama Kat said...

Some great observations...and you couldn't be more right about Target. It kills me all the time!

I want a girlie trip!!!!

Shalay said...

Sounds like fun! And yes, Target will break you. So will all the "cheap" booze, that somehow adds up after awhile. Haha.

Lapa37 said...

Glad you had a good time can't wait to see the pictures.

That Girl said...

I heart Target!

Carole said...

Tar Jaaa (Target in fancy-ness) LOL Im so glad you had fun. Glad to have you back!


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

I'm so glad you had a great time with the girls! Target is an awesome store, love it!

Carole said...

it was my moms diamond he only bought the setting. I am just not as excited for her as i should be I guess. Im kinda Blah!


Staci said...

I am so glad you had a GREAT time!! Woohoo!! JEALOUS!!! So what goodies did you come home with?

Jenna said...

So glad you had fun!!! I noticed that things were a lot pricier in Canada! Post pictures soon.