Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Hotter than Heck!!!

Yay, summer has finally arrived...it's a little late...guess it slept in a little or something (totally cheesy, this I know)!

Anyway, I will not complain about this heat wave...despite the fact that we only have a window box air conditioner in our bedroom...nope still not complaining...is it weird we've spent every waking minute in there since Sunday morning? Well besides work obviously...which by the way has been freezing every day this week...like almost see your breath cold...it kind of sucks when I have to type and my fingers feel numb they are soooo cold...yep that's right, not complaing about that either :)

We've planned a beach day for the upcoming weekend...because I'd love this heat a whole lot more if I could spend it near water...please please please let it be nice and sunny and warm this weekend!!!!

Oh right, I came on here to describe to you my biggest pet peeve of the moment...now I know everyone hates to sweat...it's just gross and nasty (and sometimes stinky)! BUTTTTTTTT, if you are a woman...you most likely know the pain that I am about to describe to you (okay, pain might not be the right word lol)...but you know when you have a set of girls (not literal girls, but you know...THE 'girls') and you are all sweaty every once in awhile...it itches there in THAT crack...I don't know why or how the sweat makes it itch...but it's so dang irritating...not to mention not easy to scratch!!!


Staci said...

lol! You crack me up! My gorls are so itty bitty that I don't have a crack (wish I did then again maybe I don't?!?!) so I cannot relate!

I hope the weather stays HOT soyou can hit up the beach!! We are beach bound this weekend too!

Staci said...

PS I CAN spell I just CAN"T proof Read!!! Terrible considering I WAS an English major! lol

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

I hope you get to go to the beach! I totally know what u mean, it does suck!

That Girl said...

I was gonna ask were you drunk but now Im gonna ask were you and Staci drinking together? lol

hope the weather is supa hot for you!!
ps...my nose was running yesterday at work and I had to turn my heater on. Its August.

Ter said...

I hear ya! It goes from being cold to being hot. where's the happy medium!?!

Yaya said...

I hate sweating.