Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Drama...oh how I love thee

I mean I don't really like drama when it is in my life...but I love to hear about other peoples drama or watch it on TV.

My all time favourite show is Big Brother...and it pains me that it only airs in the summer months...but you better believe I am glued to my TV the 3 nights a week that it airs.

Quick recap about the show for those of you that don't watch or even know what this show is (how that's possible, I'll never know...you must be living under a rock if you've never heard of the show).

Anyways, each summer 12 houseguests enter the house...every week there are different challenges...most important being the HOH (or Head of Household) competition. Whoever wins HOH then nominates 2 of the houseguests for eviction. Those 2 nominees then get to play for the POV (or Power of Veto) in which (if they win) they can take themselves off the 'block' and another houseguest will be nominated. Every Thursday there is a live eviction and the houseguests all vote for who will be evicted.

This season has proven to be one of my favourites! Not because I really like any of the people that are playing this season...but because they've managed to fill the house with a bunch of crazy lunatics (of course that is just my opinion). I mean normally the show has one person that I consider to 'have a few screws loose' or 'are a few cards short of a full deck'...and I've always found it mildy entertaining...but this year...this year, they have found not one crazy...but at least three!

In last night's show one of the houseguests was expelled from the show for breaking the rules of the contract by refusing to wear her microphone and then eventually throwing it into the pool.

It seems this season the majority of houseguests have lost focus on the real reason they are there...hello half a million dollars anyone???...and instead have decided they are there to make lifelong friends...how else could you explain Chima's behaviour last night? I mean really...she's just going to roll over and die? Why not fight for the POV and maybe win and take yourself off the block...no instead she threw a big old temper tantrum...but that's why I love the show...so I ain't complainin'.

So who is your favourite? Who would you like to see win?

if you don't watch...how on earth do you get *your* drama fix???

I'd personally love to see Jordan or Jeff take the money...in my opinion they are destined to have that fairy tale ending...so either or can win it (if it were up to me of course)...and they can go on and live happily ever after...getting it on...making babies...and growing old together...


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

I love Big Brother, but unfortunately I have not seen a single episode this season! Can you believe it, I know I must be one of those people living under a rock ;)

This summer has been too crazy busy to watch any TV pretty much!

Ter said...

I don't watch that show at all.

The thing about reality shows is that they're not very real! LOL but oh well. I do like some of them. Not that one though!

Jennifer said...

I haven't got to watch Big Brtoher this summer - just been too busy but I LOVE it and with the Big Brother after dark.... :)

Together We Save said...

Oh I am not a fan. Sorry but they way these people act on TV drives me nuts. Sorry I am more a CSI fan.

supah ~d said...

Thank you for stopping by and for all your fabulous comments on my blog. keep them coming.. my ego is getting really big.. and by the way.. the pga outfit.. was SNEAKINGLY SUSPICIOUSLY JUST LIKE THE workers there.

Someone set me up.


supah ~d said...

ps. I remember the very second installment of big bro. my neighbors and i had big bro parties and talked smack about dr will and such. will and shannon were our favs and who we hated the most.. all at the same time .:)