Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Are you prepared?

For when the power goes out? I mean I know we all have flashlights...but do they always go right back where they are supposed to be?

Tonight I was sitting here with a friend...the power went out...not just for a second but for close to 20 minutes. Thankfully I had a few candles sitting on the counter in my kitchen or we'd have been screwed. You see I know the boyfriend and the boy use flashlights to look around in the basement at night (the lighting sucks down there!)...or the boyfriend has had to take one to check something out outside at night from time to time...and tonight when I needed a flashlight and there were none in the closet where THEY ALL shooooooould be...well let's just say I was grateful for my little candle addiction!

It's stormy here...hence the power outage...and no not a rain storm...we are getting snow...blech!!!!


Melissa said...

Oh no, snow?!?! Why won't the nice sunny weather just get here already!

Melissa said...

More snow?! Oh no! Guess I shouldn't be bummed about the rain! As for flashlights~ We have a whole set of them, but I have no clue where a single one is. I just have to break into my candle collection too!

That Girl said...

eww to the snow. It is spring, you know? Its pretty cold here (50is cold to me) and Im not liking it so I cant imagine snow.

oh yeah, flashlights. no we dont really have any. lol

Carole said...

OYE Keep that snow up there please! We are going to hit high 50's today woo hoo! we have chargers for our flashlights. they soooo never there...lol


Yaya said...

Hmmm.....yet another reason I should "thank" the adoption process scrutiny. We needed to have emergency flashlights everywhere!

Staci said...

My kids steal all of our flash lights and leave them turned on so they don't work! :) We just a hot mess! Sorry your getting so much snow! brrrrr