Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Confession Survey

Jen (love her!) over at Life according to Jennifer tagged me on this really fun survey.

Confession Survey

1)What is your blogger name? ~~Mel~~
2) When is your birthday? July 17, 1980
3) How long have you been blogging? Just since January of this year.
4) Who tagged you? Jennifer
5 ) Tell me your 5 most favorite body parts: Well others have told me that my boobs and my ass are my best assets lmao. BUT, my favorite body parts are my long legs and my eyes...there is no way I could come up with five.
6) What do you wish most for your birthday? This year...I'm really not sure yet. Last year the boyfriend did awesome in getting me my fire pit for the backyard and a hair straightener. I had given him zero ideas lol.
7) What color are your nails now? Bare naked...they have no polish on them at all.
8) Any depressing thoughts lately? Hardly any...but the odd time I dwell on when life with me and the boyfriend will move forward...hopefully soon.
9) What's your next 1 month's plan? I have so many things going on in the next little while...but top priority is planning the boy's birthday party. Other than that I plan to purge at home and keep exercising so I can get in shape for summer.
10) At what age did you have your 1st crush? That I remember? I was about 9.
11) Did you attend any school reunion after you graduated till now? NOPE!
12) Have you ever passed gas in public and pretended you didn't smell anything? lmao...it's pretty nasty...but I must admit I have done this haha.
13) Are you a clean freak? I wish I could be...but sadly i'm not. We aren't dirty people but we are definitely untidy people.
14) Which era do you wish you were born into? The 70's
15) Are you a vegetarian? No, but I'm not a big meat eater.
16) How many pillows do you sleep with at night? Two.
17) Are you a light sleeper or an I-don't-care-if-there's-a-bomb-here sleeper? I used to be a very light sleeper but since the boyfriend moved in I've become a heavier sleeper (he gets up lots throughout the night most nights).
18) Do you secretly wear comfortable granny panties when your man is not around? No not really, the only time I wear undies that are less than sexy is during AF. lol.
19) What is your ultimate dream job? I honestly don't know that I have an ultimate dream job. Does getting paid for surfing the net count?
20) What is it your hubby does that annoys you the most? I hate to get down on the boyfriend because there is so much he does that I do appreciate...BUT (lol) how about he never changes the toilet paper roll AND he forgets everything! I could tell him today that we have something planned tomorrow and by the time tomorrow rolls around...he'll have completely forgotten and sometimes even accuses me of not telling him!!! Men!!!
21) What is your dream car? I don't really have one...
22) Do you easily wake up in the morning? Oh no, definitely not! I hit snooze for about 1/2 an hour.
23) Do you like hairy men? The boyfriend is half italian...so he's pretty hairy. I never thought I'd like that in a guy...but it didn't stop me from falling in love with him.
24) How about goateed men? Nope. I've never been a big fan of facial hair! I can handle a little bit of 'shadow' or 'fuzz' but not full on goatee. In fact this leads me to another post for later lol.
25) Which one would you prefer, 2 hour spa, 2 hour Thai Massage or 2 hour foot massage? 2 hour spa.
26) Have you ever wished you had a different name other than your real name? Yep in grade 10 when there was 5 Melissas in my homeroom. I've grown to love my name though and it's not so popular where I l ive now.
27) What is the most extreme sport you have ever done? Extreme sport? No thanks!
28) Do you prefer traveling in Europe or Asia? I'd like to see either...maybe someday.
29) What is your favorite food? pasta! Specifically Lasagna.
30) What is the most embarrassing moment when you were out on a date? Not embarrasing for me....but for him...the boyfriend on our very first date couldn't pay for dinner. He had just gotten paid that day but for some reason the restaurant debit machine wouldn't read his card. He rectified it and paid me back the next day lol.
Here are the rules:
Copy and paste the whole questionnaire and replace my answers with yours. You have to create a link for the blogger who tagged you. Pass to 4 other bloggers. Display the logo anywhere on your blog. Last, answer each question with the truth, and nothing but the TRUTH...this is a confession tag, you know.
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Kelsey said...

Fun survey!

Yaya said...

That's a good survey!

Wow, you've only been blogging for 2 months and you have 18 followers!? Holy cow!

How are the birthday party plans coming?

Jen said...

Yay! Thanks for doing it!! Love ya back!

Cheryl said...

How hairy does one have to do be before one should consider himself as a hairy man? ...

Melissa said...

Great survey! I loved reading your answers!

That Girl said...

I remember your first date! ha, that was funny. everyone was all...oh dump him because he couldnt pay.

I have like 3 tags from you to do.....I should do that today. lol

~~Mel~~ said...

Thanks girls!

Yaya - I guess people love me! lol. The birthday plans are non-existent...we keep going back and forth with ideas but so far no decisions have been made...the bday is 2 months (exactly) from yesterday...so I guess we have a little time still.

Kel - YES...start doing those tags...please!

Shimmermeblue said...

I swear, Melissa had to be the most popular name everywhere! I had 4 in my grade alone, not to mention all the surrounding grades. The teachers used to call us all by our last names because it got so confusing. I moved to Indiana for a year when I was 15 and there were 4 or 5 in my grade. And the mean nicknames those damn kids came up with for that name growing up, sheesh! Well, I'm all grown up and over it now, but I always asked my mom to change my name when I was younger haha.

Impulsive Addict said...

Number 20 leads me to believe that we're living with the same person! Boys are stupid!

Toni said...

Great answers! Thanks for the tag!