Sunday, March 22, 2009

oh the pain...

So now it's my turn to be injured....

I was pulling some dishes out of the sink and managed to slice the tip of my finger on a rather sharp knife! Man does it hurt!

I refuse to sit in a hospital waiting room for 4+ hours for a stitch or two...but if the bleeding doesn't get under control that may be what I end up doing. I've got it all bandaged up but the throbbing is almost unbearable...and I'm probably not helping it by typing...not to mention how unbelievably hard it is to type with a huge wad of gauze and bandaids on the end of your finger lol.

I came on here to blog about the impromptu family reunion I am apparently hosting for Easter weekend...not at all what I had in mind for the long weekend....but my brother is flying out and staying the weekend...yes the estranged brother that I haven't had much to do with for over 3 years because of the way of life he's chosen for himself...but alas my mom is all about helping him out when he's down...and I really shouldn't blame her...he is her baby and regardless of the life paths the boy chooses I'd like to think I'll always be there for him no matter what...but does that include when he's been abusive to almost everyone in his life?? Or how about when he's spent so much of his life on illegal drugs that he's just not the same person anymore??? I just hope I don't have to make that choice as he gets older.

So my brother will be flying in on Good Friday and then my mom will drive down to pick him up here and most likely stay a day or two. Then it's her plan to take him up north to live with her...I just hope they can get along...they are so much alike that they clash all the time...I wonder why it works that way???

Anyways, I guess my whole beef with it all is that I was not informed of any of this by either my mom or my brother...my dad called yesterday and asked if I knew what the plan was and he was shocked that I hadn't been told what they were planning when afterall they are going to need a place to stay!


Yaya said...

Okay, first of all I shuddered at the thought of slicing your finger. I hope the bleeding stopped.
How on earth did you type a blog post w/ a bleeding finger?

About your brother. Your mom can do what she thinks is right, but you can also do what you think is right. If that means staying distant, than do it. You know what is best for your life.
Good luck.

Toni said...

Hope your finger feels better!

I also hope that things work out with your brother. Unfortunately for some it takes rock bottom and tough love - hope it is not the case here!

Good luck with the planning!

Shimmermeblue said...

First of all, sorry about your finger. I hope the bleeding stops and you don't have to do to the hospital, those places suck.
Second of all, that sounds so rude. How could they not ASK you if this was all ok with you??
Hope it all works out in the end somehow.

Oh, and as far as my firepit, I don't have one anymore because Lee is a pyro and melted the cage right off of it, continued to use it and melted the wheels!
I can't wait to shop for a new one though. They have some really nice ones at Menards.

That Girl said...

OMG you should go to the hospital young lady! I am shuddering just thinking about it.

Your mom needs to start resepcting your life more. I totally understand though. Its like my mom...I am the responsible on and she just kinda expects things out of me. Where my brother she knows he is all rocky and stuff.

You will put on a happy face and rock easter dinner, sunshine!

Staci said...

ouchie!!! I hope your finger is better and that you didn't end up in the ER.... I am sure you will put together a fabulous Easter weekend for your famil! I hope it works out well and that everyone gets along!

Rosemarie said...

Your poor finger - I won't tell you what happened to Andy at Easter, but it ended in the ER. Hope you don't have to go!

I hope that your family's visit goes well for you. Let us know!

Impulsive Addict said...

OUCH! I'm not good with knives. I've had a couple of incidents myself.

Your page is way cute! I want to take that bunny rabbit home with me!

Cheryl said...

Um... Is your finger back in tact? ...

Together We Save said...

Oh the finger.... I hate cutting myself. And the brother... I hate to think of those family hardships. I will pray for all of you.

Amber said...

Oh my goodness, so sorry about your finger!! Yes, I agree that you should go to the hospital. Let us know what happens.

That would be totally annoying about your brother. You are a good daughter & sister to put your feelings aside in order to make your mama happy. I agree that it's important to be there for him even when he's making such poor choices, but it sure is hard huh??