Monday, March 23, 2009

Such a great day...

Did you sense my sarcasm???

Today has been a day from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! I won't get into details because I don't know how much I'm ready to share here just yet...it has to do with the boyfriend and I...we've hit another one of those dang "blending" road blocks. Who ever said raising a child with someone that isn't biologically theirs was easy??? Cause damn is it hard work. I'm sure you parents out there sometimes battle with your spouses...but trust me it is 100x harder to cope when you yourself were a single parent for 6 years of your child's life (the boy's biological father has never been involved) and then have to give over some of that 'control'...It makes it even worse that the only experience the boyfriend has with children is through the troubled youth centre he used to work at. He's just so harsh at times....I tell him so and he gets defensive...then later I wonder if that's what the boy needs (maybe I am a softie...but he's really such a good kid and I don't find myself constantly wanting to yell at him...and I feel like the boyfriend always has a reason to nag the boy or give him trouble for something)...and the vicious cycle continues.

So...I don't know where the boyfriend is right now. He called from his mother's before I was home from work...but when I tried to return the call she answered and said he wasn't there. She did suggest couples counselling...something I have suggested for weeks now! I hope she makes the same suggestion to him.

Thanks for all your concern about my finger! It's so much better now...still sore and still an open wound that needs to be bandaged up...BUT when I changed the bandaids after work it looked like it was starting to heal up quite nicely.

The whole family reunion saga gets even better!!! Not only will I have two house guests...but I will have 4...my other brother and nephew are coming for the visit too. I'm excited to see them...but man is that alot of houseguests...not to mention it's been suggested I host dinner on the Saturday and invite my extended family (grandpa, aunts, uncles)....oh boy.

I do not need all this stress....calgon....take me away...PLEASE!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Whoa whoa whoa...when you said "visiting" i didn't realize they were STAYING at your house?? Oy!

And that must be hard to try to raise your child with someone else while you did it alone for so long.

Melissa said...

I hear you on the control issue. I'm the same way at times even though he IS their dad! It's just like, I carried them for 9 months and gave birth, they are mine and the last decision on anything should be mine. I know some people will probably totally disagree, but hey.
Good luck with all those houseguests!

Melissa said...

I'm sorry you're going through all of this. I think most guys must be a little hard on children. My husband screamed at Aiden yesterday because he was yelling. Aiden was just excited because he had seen a squirrel! I hope everything gets better.

Rosemarie said...

Oh my gosh - do you even have room for everyone? Full house!

I hope that things will get better with your boyfriend - I can't imagine having to look at both sides of the situation as you must do everyday. I'm thinking of ya!

Staci said...

:( I can only imagine how difficult it is! Jason and I go head to head at times over the kiddos!!! Hope today is better!

That Girl said...

love you!

Melissa said...

Thanks! And you know you totally would have gotten one too if you didn't already have one! Have a great day!

Heatherlyn said...

Actually, parenting isn't necessarily easier with a biological parent. It's just easier when you both happen to have the same idea in your head about the way you want to raise your child. So, couples counseling might help. Or, you might just never have the same idea about what the child needs.

I love your festive Easter background.

And I like your honesty!