Friday, March 6, 2009

A controversial subject

I try not to get caught up in watching the news and don't usually keep up on current events because I just find it all so depressing and I tend to get a little obsessed with certain cases (for example the Casey Anthony saga)...so for this reason I tune most things out and try not to think about them...I like to live in a fantasy world where things such as the link I am about to post just don't happen.

Those reading that are local have most definitely heard the story of the brutal murder of Tim McLean aboard a Greyhound bus last summer. This story hit close to home for me because I have many times taken this very bus. In fact, just last January we rode it for 12 hours to go north and visit my mom, brother and nephew. But let me tell you that Vincent Li has made it so that I will never again ride the bus, unless of course they have some sort of security put in place. When we took the bus last year, our luggage was not checked nor was any of the bags we carried on to the bus. Every two hours or so we stopped and were told we could exit the bus for 20 min. to stretch our legs, grab a bite to eat, etc. So not secure in the slightest.

Anyways here is the link to the verdict after his trial this week.


He was found not criminally responsible. From what I understand this means, that every year this man will be assessed and go before a review board to determine if he is 'well' enough to be returned to society. He will do no prison time but will be kept in a mental hospital. As Tim McLean's mother pointed out "after his release will someone always be there to ensure that he takes his meds". The man is schizophrenic and claims he was being told by god to kill the demon, whom he believed to be this poor man.

I strongly disagree with this verdict and feel terribly for the family that will have to attend this man's reviews year after year and beg that he not be let out into society. IMO this monster should spend the rest of his life behind bars. I realize that he has an illness but he still committed the crime.

I promise my next post will not be nearly as deep...it is Friday afterall. I just felt the need to share my thoughts on this subject.


That Girl said...

how horrible!!

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

I don't know much, if anything, about this case.

Together We Save said...

I followed this case some. I hate to hear that is the verdict. I feel as you do. Very sad indeed.

Toni said...

Yep a touchy subject. But I believe that if a person is a danger to society and that hinges on them making sure they take a pill then yes, they should be locked up for good.

Now, I know there are probably some decent arguments from the other side but no matter, I will stand by my opinion...

Cecilia said...

I remember this case vividly. Like you, I've taken the Greyhound on a number of occasions and I always wondered why they never performed any security checks. Aside from the fact that they probably didn't feel security was a priority, operating on a "if the company doesn't see it or know about it, then it's not our problem" mentality was sure to bite them in the butt eventually. It's heartbreaking that a man's life had to be taken in order for the company to take action. But now it's too late because many people no longer feel safe travelling with the company. Call me paranoid, but I know I don't!