Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mud Day

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Neither had I...until recently. You see the boy's daycare has every day of the month (both July and August) filled up with different activities for the kids to do while they are on summer vacation...lots of places to go or on other days activities they can do at the centre.

Yesterday...was mud day. What exactly is mud day? Wellllllll, let me tell you...basically they fill kiddie pools up with oodles and oodles of mud and the kids can jump in them, swim in them, and just get downright dirty. I've seen pictures of previous years (ours haven't been put up at daycare yet but I'm sure that's coming soon) and these kids are just covered...but having oh so much fun.

The boy had to shower last night and I actually had to help him scrub his legs because it had dried and caked on lol. It was in his ears, between his toes...and literally dripping from his hair...the staff had hosed the kids off as best they could and they had changed into new clothes...but boy did I have a mess to clean up on him at shower time.

But it was oh so worth the mess...the boy had a blast!!! He said it was so cool and so much fun! Boys will be boys.


Anonymous said...

That sounds fun! But like a lot of work for the daycare!

Melissa said...

Wow! That sounds like a lot of fun! And how cool that they have a different activity to do every day. Day-care has changed a lot since I was little!

Jamy said...

Hmm, I think I would also enjoy that...lol.

Jennifer said...

That sounds fun! I might have to do mud day with my kids.

Mom said...

I've never heard of mud day! What's it made of? (LOL)

Sounds like a blast tho! I'm glad your son enjoyed it!

Jen said...

Oh my word I think that would freak me out! I'm sure they have a BLAST though :)