Friday, June 26, 2009

Conversations with "The Boy"

In the mornings while I'm in the shower the boy comes in for his morning pee and we generally have a little chat in there...the joys of only having one bathroom! lol.

This morning:

Him: Mom, next year if I am in the same classroom and I have the same teacher don't think I failed a grade, k mom?

Me: (already knowing that he was going to be in a split class for 3rd grade because of a note sent home yesterday...just playing along anyway) Well why would you be in the same class with the same teacher for 3rd grade when your teacher teaches 2nd grade?

Him: Because mom our teacher told us that all the Grade 3s will have to be in a split class.

***I fully expect that he'll have the same teacher...and I feel really good about that. This is the first teacher that I think has helped the boy to thrive...he's a very active kid and loves to be the centre of attention and make everyone laugh...most people find this extremely annoying...but his teacher this year has managed to figure out a way to let him be the class clown but also to be serious when need be. I think he's actually her 'pet' lol.

The boy HATES bugs...I really had no idea how much until we were camping last weekend (stay tuned for a video of him trying to 'get away' from all the bugs lol).

Last night he apparently saw an ant in his room:

Him: Mom can you come here please it's very important?

Me: Okay, I'm here...what is it buddy?

Him: See that little ant over there?

Me: (searching the corner he's pointing and just not seeing anything) No, buddy I don't see an ant over there.

Him: Well it was there just a second ago...and ants freak me out! I think you better close the window so that no more bugs can get in...

Me: How come ants freak you out? They don't hurt you...you know that right?

Him: Yes they do...they bite you and suck your blood away.

Me: Oh really...do they? Well I've never heard such a thing...either way yes I'll close your window just in case anymore decide to try and get in...

Him: Well wait a minute...there's a screen on that window...so how did the ant get in?

Me: Well maybe it was small enough to fit through those tiny holes in the screen...was it a little baby ant?

Him: I don't know how it got in...but I don't want no more getting in here...close the window please...right now please mom...hurry...you're letting all the bugs get in!!!


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Don't you just love kid conversations lol. My say the silliest things and Leland and I just look at each other and laugh or butts off! Maybe I should start posting them, it sure would make a great laugh!

That Girl said...

oh my, he was in quite a hurry to close the window, huh? lol

Melissa said...

That's too funny! I love hearing what little ones are thinking about! So cute that he wanted his window closed in such a hurry! LOL

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Just gotta wonder what's going through their little heads, huh? Everything is an "emergency" around here these days ;)