Monday, June 15, 2009

What does Summer mean to you?

Summer has officially arrived! We had hot temperatures and sunshine all weekend long.

In my house Summer means every little boy on the block in our front yard...the sprinkler going and when my little boy hits the hay without any time for a shower (because he's stayed outside too long with his friends and is grumpy when I *make* him come in)...he has THE dirtiest feet I have ever seen in my life!!!! The boyfriend was so amazed by how dirty the boy's feet were that he just had to photograph them sticking out from his comforter...BUT because I forgot to put the pic on my computer you all won't get to see it just yet lol.

My all time favourite thing to do in the Summer...CAMPING!!! We have our first camping trip of the year planned for next weekend and I am sooooooooo excited...so this week will be spent preparing for it. I have yet to pull out our camping gear and assess what we have or may need to pick up before we head out. I'm a procrastinator...if you didn't already know that! Oh and we are tent campers all the way...non of this trailer with the portable dvd player and a sink and a real fridge too...nope not us...we still use coolers and no electronics come with us (with the exception of a radio)...though I haven't reminded the boy yet that his DS will have to stay home...last year he begged to be allowed to bring his Gameboy Advance...and I didn't cave hopefully I can stay strong again this year. Camping is a time to be away from all stuff and enjoy the great outdoors.

So what's your favourite thing about Summer?


Ter said...

summer, the last 4 years, has been my least favorite time of the year. I enjoy the weather though, and that's about it. Of course, now winter sucks too, so that's pretty much a year round thing too! (Though I never did like winter, it's too cold!)

But all those things you mentioned? Sounds wonderful. Keep reminding yourself how lucky you are and enjoy every moment. :)

Jenna said...

Favorite thing about summer: the day it ends! That's because I live in Florida though. It's 95 and humid today, w/o a cloud in the sky. Ugh.

Yaya said...

The beach!

Although, I too am not a fan of summer. It sucks being a nanny bc when summer comes you have the kids off of school thinking you are there to be their personal entertainer....

That Girl said...

thats funny because this weekend while talking about camping I asked that question....2 of my friends are RV campers and they take their laptops with them. I said I wouldnt do that....that led to talk of the DS playing for the girls. I wanna say know but 3 girls without their games? lol

Staci said...

I heart summer.... I love BEING outside! I love watching the kids run and play. My favoite part of summer are the super long days! :) I <3 days at the park, beach, amusment parks, and just hanging outside at home!

Jen said...

Mel that is SO awesome that you tent camp! The most we've done so far is an overnight in the backyard with the bigger two, but we DO want to try it - and yes, all electronics will be left behind! Have to say, though, I'd make the boy wash his feet LOL!

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Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Ha! Last night the girls came in about 9:30 and their feet . . . oh my goodness they were filthy! Even though it was late, I still put them in the shower ;) I love summer, but look forward to Fall as well. I love the beach. Funny I just posted that I'm not much of an outdoorsy girl. I don't mind the RV camping, but I say "no thanks" to a tent. I admire you :)