Monday, February 16, 2009

We've gone from colds to sinus infections and now...

puking...Oh the joys. Thank goodness it was a holiday today or I would have had to take another sick day...and any working mom knows that those are limited. I was awakened at approximately 12:45 very early this morning, and only about an hour after I had gone to bed, to my poor boy who was near tears and yelling that he needed me because there was 'barf' everywhere. Let me tell you 'everywhere' was no exaggeration. It took me an hour to get it all cleaned up and both of us back to bed. He's not eating much today...and believe me this child has a never ending pit for a stomach when he's feeling well.

I've opted to have another day of 'just staying home' and he isn't too happy about that. Apparently it's boring...but in all honesty kid...we are not heading out only to have you puking again (and in public this time?? Ummm NO thanks)!!! I promised we'd play Monopoly later...and I've already played 1,698 games of "Go Fish" lol.

Hopefully this extra day off has us all better and ready for school and work tomorrow.


That Girl said...

oh good grief you guys need a break!

Staci said...

poor guy! There is NOTHING worse than puking... NOTHING!

Toni said...

UGGGH! We have been snotty and coughy but luckily not pukey!!! Hope it is better!